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I thought this was an interesting article, in particular because the author felt it necessary to identify Jennifer Shahade, editor of Chess Life Online, as a "woman grandmaster" instead of just as a "grandmaster". I suppose the plan is to make chess popular again, and then make it not be a sausage fest.

I think the answer is to get women on board. Never mind "date a woman who reads"; let's make the next meme "date a woman who can kick your ass at chess".
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Never forgot chess, love the sport.

I'm not good, but I hear it's a TON of fun.
It's actually a different ranking, with different requirements.

The November 2010 FIDE rating list records 254 women holding the WGM title alone and an additional 24 who are full GMs. I don't know whether Jennifer Shahade holds a full GM title (her Wikipedia article doesn't say she does); hence the distinction.

ETA: Her FIDE rating is 2307, which qualifies her as a FIDE Master, but is well short of the 2500 that's the norm for GMs.
Well, +Rob Bush, then she should be referred to as a "Master", not called a "woman grandmaster" because FIDE holds women to a different and lesser standard than men.
I was a pro for a while in Europe. The kids are so advanced today. They keep practicing with Fritz and Rybka. Impossible to keep up :)
Chess life online? Lol sounds riveting! 
I like chess, but never did learn to play well because no one else wanted to play with me!
I'll play with you! Wait.. From a chess perspective. Lol!
LOL nice save.... I was never very good and I expect attrition has made my skills worse
Play against Fritz or Rybka.They give you all the practice you need :D
Chess engines :) They are very advanced but their strength can be adjusted. They play almost like humans :)
I'm obviously ignorant since I don't even know what Fritz or Rybka is
I'd probably need to be taught more about how to play chess first? I know the basic rules but nothing about stragey.
Well fritz is a German sausage/ spam thing kids love to eat. *shudders. My boy loves the stuff. 
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