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Matthew Graybosch
I'm a metalhead who writes sci-fi for metalheads. No elves, no damsels, and no bullshit. I also code for a living. (Spoiler warning: I drop spoilers when I talk about media. Deal with it.)
I'm a metalhead who writes sci-fi for metalheads. No elves, no damsels, and no bullshit. I also code for a living. (Spoiler warning: I drop spoilers when I talk about media. Deal with it.)

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Hi, everybody. Not only do I have a new website at, but I'm also starting fresh on Google+. If you want to keep following me, please follow the profile below.


Also, until 9/24, I will follow back anybody who follows my new profile, no questions asked. Feel free to poke around and take a look.

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Attention all Republicans and conservatives:


That is all.

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The cover looks like something out of Clive Barker, but having read Fantasmagoria I suspect the text makes Clive Barker look like that kid at camp who only knows one ghost story.
I'm gonna be asking for a lot of help getting the word out on this one.
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I've used this on occasion. If you're a Linux or Mac user and you spend a lot of time in your terminal or on SSH, tmux can be handy.

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“What would it mean to design against despair or isolation or loneliness?” asks Russell. “I have to think that just making another social media messaging platform doesn’t get us there.”

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Take the bull by the horn... 

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It's time to start using VPNs all the time for all the internet things.

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I just started playing Nier: Automata last night, but I should have wait for the full game to finish installing. I never got around to playing the first one, or the Drakengard games, but the demo for this game impressed me last year.

You know a video game is going to be metal when it starts with a voice-over like this:

Everything that lives is designed to end.
We are perpetually trapped...
in a never-ending spiral of life and death.
Is this a curse?
Or some kind of punishment?
I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle...
and wonder if we'll ever have the chance to kill him.

The opening VO is standard existentialist stuff right down to the Nietzschean bit about killing the rat bastard responsible for all of this, and not terribly profound, but I still eat that shit up, lick the plate clean, and go back for more. I want to see where Yoko Taro and Platinum Games end up going with this.

Though I can't help but wonder why a soldier android would wear thigh-high boots with spike heels, thigh-high stockings, and a dress with a keyhole back and a sweetheart neckline.

2B's design certainly appeals to the male gaze, and it's typical for Japanese games to not give a fuck about Western feminist sensibilities, but she's nowhere near as close to over-the-top as Bayonetta. I'm curious as to whether there's an in-story/in-character justification for 2B's appearance. It's certainly fun to watch her dance around the battlefield with her swords, though.

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This doesn't just apply to web development. Don't use a tool just because you feel obligated to for whatever reason.

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Liberals say, "Nobody should have to suffer as I have." or "Other people have suffered more than I, and that isn't right. Let's fix this."

Conservatives say, "If other people must suffer as I did, that's good because suffering builds character.

Libertarians say, "It's not my problem if other people suffer the way I did, or suffer more than I have," while smoking pot.

Fascists say, "Your suffering is for the good of the state, but to make me suffer in any way is treason against the nation."

Christians say, "Our suffering glorifies God, and is nothing compared to the agony Christ suffered for us. Any effort to make this world better is vanity."

Jews say, "Our suffering is because we live in a broken world, and it upon us to fix this by repairing the world through acts of loving kindness."

Buddhists say, "Our suffering is because of our attachment to ourselves, to our desires, to the world, and to things."
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