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Life with Superheroes doesn't really do it for me, but you guys might like it and enjoy following +Zac Diamanti.
Hey guys,

A very special LWS #12.  Go check it out here:

Life with Superheroes #12 - The Power of Love

ALSO,  I would like to thank everyone who came and said, "Hey," at Colorado Springs Comics and Toys Con.  Check out LWS #12, it's a special Comic Con one.  

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+Catherine Graybosch shared this with me on Pinterest, and said it reminded her of Thagirion's tower on Fifth Avenue in NYC, Hanging Gardens. I agree with her.

#starbreaker   #urban   #garden  
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cool pic
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Matthew Graybosch

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Did you buy a copy of +Without Bloodshed yesterday, and help make my novel #2 in Amazon Cyberpunk? If so, THANK YOU!
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That is so awesome!!!!!!!! Grats grats!!! +Matthew Graybosch
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Matthew Graybosch

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When I was in school, I would have considered being told that being queer is a sin bullying if I didn't have the equal right to tell the kid who said so to keep his tyrannical demon of a God to himself, because I wasn't interested in his bullshit.

One person's speech isn't more worthy of protection because it fits in with a viewpoint held by the majority of the community.
And other controversial questions raised by a new Tennessee law that claims to protect religious kids from discrimination
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Equal rights is one thing. Your solution is fine when there's a level playing field, power-wise. It's bullying if one party can't speak without fear of reprisal. If neither party fears reprisal it's a debate. If both do, it's a turf war.
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Matthew Graybosch

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Having technical difficulties with my blog that preclude new posts, so I have to make do with helping out be resharing this post. Sorry.
Curiosity Quills is thrilled to reveal the cover for Wilbert Stanton's upper young-adult, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, science-fiction novel The Artful, due for release 27th May, 2014
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Mz Maau
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Jessa Russo asked me to help her promote her new novel Divide, which comes out tomorrow, and I suggested dragging my review for her debut Ever out of the archives. It’s something of an anomaly among her reviews, since I decided to wax pretentious and treat its protagonist as an unreliable narrator.

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essa Russo asked me to help her promote her new novel Divide, which comes out tomorrow, so I dragged my review for her debut Ever out of the archives.
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Matthew Graybosch

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Congratulations on your review, +Steve Turnbull: Murder Out of the Blue got 4 hearts on The Review Hart.
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Nice!  Congrats +Steve Turnbull.
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I’m helping out first-time +Curiosity Quills Press novelist Wilbert Stanton with the cover revelation of his debut: The Artful. It’s the first part of his Shadows of the City series, and will be available on 27 May 2013. The blurb suggests a sci-fi tale reminiscent of Oliver Twist.

#coverreveal   #olivertwist   #scifibooks  

(Yeah, I got my WordPress installation fixed.)
I’m helping out first-time Curiosity Quills Press novelist Wilbert Stanton with the cover revelation of his debut: The Artful. It’s the first part of his Shadows of the City series, and will be available on 27 May 2013. The blurb suggests a sci-fi tale reminiscent of Oliver Twist. New York City, 2025: Everything is changed. The city …
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I don't think you'll regret it, +David D. Stanton .
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Matthew Graybosch

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Thanks, +Te-Erika Patterson. I appreciate the plug, especially since SF doesn't seem to be your thing.
Get science-fiction fantasy Starbreaker: Without Bloodshed by Matthew Graybosch for just 99 cents for 04.15.14 only! #sale #99cents #offer #promotion #books #reading #scifi #fantasy #novels #fiction #TaxDay
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You're right. But supporting people IS my thing. =)
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+Lynda Williams at #RealitySkimming posted part 2 of "Three Adversaries Walk Into a Bar", an illustrated excerpt from Without Bloodshed, which is on sale today. Illustrator Richard Bartrop certainly sees the Fireclowns differently. :-) 
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    Androids unaware of their nature fight demons from outer space.
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I'm a Romantic science fantasy novelist from New York who codes for a living. I'm also a gamer, a long-haired metalhead, and a geek who passes for normal by not talking about the nerdy stuff that excites him. I live in central Pennsylvania with my wife, two cats, and a bicycle that nags me whenever I don't meet my daily word count. I'm hard at work on the next Starbreaker novel.

I've been a Google+ user since July 2011. You can also find me on my own site, A Day Job and a Dream, where I write about books, music, games, and the writer's craft. Please take a look.

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