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I haven't done any writing today. Too tired, and the rain has me depressed for no good reason. So I've been reading a sci-fi novel called Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy instead. It's not bad. Hank's a big bruiser who earns his living as a negotiator for gangsters on the space station Belvaille, but it looks like he's getting in over his head. 
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I'm just finished with the first 6 Harry Dresden books.  I'm taking a little break.  I need to get motivated and plow up my garden area, get some plants to start hardening, and clean out the flower beds.  Too windy right now.  Anything I try would just blow right away or get messier.
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Matthew Graybosch

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I regret ever registering, and I'm glad I never got conscripted. 
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Well, it wasn't like they gave you a lot of choice in the matter. I registered too, back in the seventies, but likewise never got conscripted.

At this point, the U.S. armed forces would have to be getting pretty desperate to want me in the ranks.
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So, I've got lightsabers of a sort in +Starbreaker called "dev'astras", which are inspired in part by the astras of Hindu mythology. They're used by flowseekers as personal weapons, since they can be brought into play with less effort than  more elaborate sorceries and with less risk.

Eddie Cohen has seen them in action, since he worked closely with Desdinova during Nationfall, and has the following to say about them: "You remember those movies that supposedly happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? A dev'astra is different. Their blades don't cross, but pass through each other."

When dormant, they resemble often resemble crystal rods. However, the one Desdinova gives Morgan is more phallic, leading Naomi to joke that Desinova gave Morgan "Darth Vader's glass dildo".

However, it turns out that Morgan can't make it work (at least not yet). The one who gets it to work is none too pleased, however.


Morgan offered the preternatural weapon. "You want to try this out?"

Naomi brushed her fingertips against the crystal, but did not yet take it from Morgan's grasp. "If I can make it work, doesn't that mean I'm the one with the magic?"

"I've suspected that ever since I first heard you sing in person, Nims. There's something intimate about the way you sing that feels like you're doing it for me alone."

"I'm glad Elly [Sid Schneider's wife] isn't around to hear you turn such flattery on me. I daresay she'd get jealous." Naomi took the dev'astra from Morgan's hand. Her eyes slipped shut, and her eyelashes became a touch of frost against her skin. She stood still for a minute, holding the weapon before her, before a scarlet glow began to fill the crystal rod. It extended outward until it reached a length of ninety centimeters, and intensified until looking directly upon it felt akin to staring into a setting sun.

Naomi opened her eyes, and gasped. The crimson plasma blade winked out of existence as the crystal rod fell from her grasp. Morgan caught it before it shattered against the concrete. "Naomi, you did it. You made it work."

"Sorry I dropped it. I was just shocked." Naomi held out her hand. "Could I borrow it again? I want to be sure it wasn't a fluke."

Morgan nodded, and handed over the rod. Naomi closed her fingers around it, and the radiant scarlet blade extended from the rod's tip as she exhaled. "It's real. I'm some kind of flowseeker. But I don't know any magic."

"Maybe it's all in your voice?"

Morgan glanced at Sid, and considered his comment. "Sid might be right, Naomi. What if you possess some preternatural talent that you intuitively channel into your singing?"

Naomi shook her head, and deactivated the dev'astra. "You weren't there, so I don't blame for you for not understanding how hard I worked to train my voice and become the musician I am today. I refuse to consider the possibility that some sorcery I had no reason to believe possible until now is involved."

#amwriting #magic #lightsaber  
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Matthew Graybosch

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The price we pay for the surveillance society is that more people start thinking like Repairman Jack and trying to have as little to do with "officialdom" as possible.
Fear of the criminal justice system can lead to negative health, financial, and educational outcomes.
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Well now that's depressing, but the lack of a socially mobile society is a desirable outcome for many in power.
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[Chuckle] With any luck, that'll be one less idiot who hates video games in public office.
State Senator Leland Yee championed law restricting minors' game access.
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+Matthew Graybosch that almost counts.  My theory is that if one thinks that violent video games create violent kids then the violent behavior is really only inherent in the one doing the complaining. So it would have been far more gratifying if he had performed some hands on badness rather than paying other people to do his misdeeds.
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Reading Isolates Children From Their Peers

Yes, being a bookworm does tend to isolate children from non-readers their age. However, I don’t blame reading for this isolation. I blame the parents. At risk of delivering a proclamation from all kinds of privilege, to say nothing of being utterly self-serving because I am a novelist, I have the following to say on the subject of raising children who don’t read and don’t value reading:

If your children reach adulthood, and do not read for pleasure, I blame you. Not the public schools, not the anti-intellectual American culture, but you. You are not only a bad parent, but a bad citizen of modern Western civilization, and a lousy human being.

By raising children who don’t take pleasure in reading, you not only deprive your own children, but you given them an excuse to see children who enjoy reading as “different” from them and therefore fair game for bullying.

If you find this objectionable, I suggest you direct your objections to somebody who cares. Start with your gods, if you have any.

#reading #isreadingdying #isreadingantisocial  
A culture that asks if reading is bad for kids is a culture from which I prefer to be isolated by constant reading and writing. It has nothing to offer.
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+Matthew Graybosch said: If your children reach adulthood, and do not read for pleasure, I blame you. Not the public schools, not the anti-intellectual American culture, but you. You are not only a bad parent, but a bad citizen of modern Western civilization, and a lousy human being.

Truer words were never spoken.

In my case, I was raised by individuals far more educated and intelligent than I, serious intellectuals in fact. That is, people with Ph.Ds in a variety of fields ranging from nuclear physics to psychology to Egyptology. Consequently, I was never lacking in encouragement to read. Quite the opposite, and the anti-intellectual influences to which I was exposed in my early school years just rolled off.

I was, to a degree "isolated" from mainstream social discourse in school, but that never particularly bothered me as I rightly considered the bulk of it trivial. In any event, I had my friends, and I had things that interested me, and it was books that helped me learn and express those interests. Furthermore, my family never, ever made me feel that the ability to get lost in a book was a disadvantage. That's just ridiculous.

I suppose I was just fortunate in that regard, but I would never have had the life that I wanted if I'd not had books at my side.

Asimov was right. There is a thread of anti-intellectualism running through our society.
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+Thomas Sorensen, nobody gives a damn about MeeWork, so stop spamming every demon-ridden community on Google+ with your copy-pasta.
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mmm pasta.
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I mentioned the New York reload while working on a scene for The Blackened Phoenix. Morgan's at a shooting range with his friends, testing firearms manufactured by Murdoch Defensive Industries, a company notorious among Adversaries for making weapons possessed of a distressing tendency to jam at the worst possible moment.

While a semiautomatic pistol can fail to feed the next round, fail to extract the empty case from the chamber, or fail to eject the case after extraction ( because of user errors like a loose grip (called "limp-wristing"), Adversaries are as rigorously trained in the use of firearms as real-world police officers and military personnel. Their training lets them handle higher-quality firearms manufactured by companies like Nakajima Armaments without as many problems as they experience with Murdoch equipment.

Malfunctions aside, the New York reload was originally a revolver technique. Without access to speedloaders, many New York police officers found it quicker to grab a second revolver than to spill empty brass from the cylinders of their primary revolvers and swap in loose, fresh rounds -- especially while under fire.

It's often much faster to just swap in a fresh magazine -- unless you're packing Murdochs, so in the Starbreaker setting the only people you see doing a New York reload are people who aren't willing or able to buy decent-quality firearms.

#amwriting #firearms #newyorkreload  
The fabled New York Reload is a technique attributed often to Jim Cirillo, famed member of the NYPD Stakeout Unit and one of the most experienced LE gunfighters in history.  This technique was favored back when the revolver was the … <a href="">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>
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Gotta keep my facts straight, +Lisa Cohen, especially on subjects where knowledgeable people can call me on it when I screw up.
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Matthew Graybosch

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Matthew Graybosch

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I have the power to make a great many people happy, but it would require that I commit suicide, so fuck 'em. :)
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Sometimes you make me chuckle.
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