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Matthew Galvin
I am a technical and creative professional who lives in Santa Cruz, California
I am a technical and creative professional who lives in Santa Cruz, California
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Updated my business website to reflect current work.

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Adobe CC fail. Cineware sees my external composited solids in completely the wrong scale and locations . . . meanwhile Adobe forums are completely shutdown during NAB. Sigh.

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Read. Peter Elsea's revised.

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Data Scientist Salary Survey: More Open Source Tool Skills, More Money  Surveying Strata conference attendees (NY 2012 and Santa Clara 2013) reveals attendees using open source tools report higher pay.  Main findings are:
• By a significant margin, more respondents used SQL than any
other tool (71% of respondents, compared to 43% for the next
highest ranked tool, R).
• The open source tools R and Python, used by 43% and 40% of
respondents, respectively, proved more widely used than Excel
(used by 36% of respondents).
• Salaries positively correlated with the number of tools used by
respondents. The average respondent selected 10 tools and had a
median income of $100k; those using 15 or more tools had a median
salary of $130k.
• Two clusters of correlating tool use: one consisting of open source
tools (R, Python, Hadoop frameworks, and several scalable machine
learning tools), the other consisting of commercial tools
such as Excel, MSSQL, Tableau, Oracle RDB, and BusinessObjects.
• Respondents who use more tools from the commercial cluster
tend to use them in isolation, without many other tools.
• Respondents selecting tools from the open source cluster had
higher salaries than respondents selecting commercial tools. For
example, respondents who selected 6 of the 19 open source tools
had a median salary of $130k, while those using 5 of the 13 commercial cluster tools earned a median salary of $90k.

(image visualizes correlations between commonly used tools)

Full report is at:

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Alan Sokal makes me happy. Math nerds vs. feel-good business consultancy.

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Whole lotta RAM.

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Someday, I hope that all of these sessions and the metadata are available online and you can just build your own mix. 2-4-8 channels.

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I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now.
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