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I'm a glass half full
I'm a glass half full

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Really Cool design, coding and overall effect! 

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Just put up the first version of my new portfolio website feel it needs a few tweeks but its basically there.

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Really really cool use of sass, math and CSS
I ran a jsbin competition for people to recreate mathematical animated gifs. It was only until the 3rd entry that Ana Tudor sent me, that I realised hers were entirely in CSS. So obviously I had to have her speak at my JavaScript conference, Full Frontal.

Enjoy maths & CSS!

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Wow this would be a really cool trip to take!

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Just got a new nexus 5 seems really good.

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On sunday the 8th of july I will be running for Skandavale Hospice in the london 10K run. I have work with the Hospice previously and with the people that work there they are a great bunch and do some tremendous work. So i'm really proud to be able to do this.

The hospice is currently run purely on a voluntary basis by the monks and nuns of Skandavale monastery. All proceeds go towards care of the patients. The Hospice currently acts as a day care centre and for respite care. There are now plans to turn the currently existing building into an in-care centre were patients can live. But this means raises lots of funds as the hospice runs purely on donations.

The work that is done at the hospice is amazing and this charity is especially close to my heart.

To show how devoted i am i will be running this dressed as a chicken!!!!

Anyway so if there are any real charitable people out there that would like to help please sponsor me.

Thanks so much 

Matt xxx

You can sponsor me on the link below:

You can find out more about the hospice here:

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Wow what an ignorant and stupid law!


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The universe is a weird and wonderful place
Just how small is an atom? And how dense is its nucleus? This video puts the answer to those questions into analogies that are a bit easier to understand than the numbers in a textbook, but my brain still has a hard time wrapping itself around them. Before you watch, try to guess: if you blew a grapefruit up to the size of Earth, how big would the atoms be?

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Still think obama is the greatest president! You just gotta love his humor and how down to earth he is.

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This has got to be one of the most inspiring videos i have watched in a long time!

Its amazing how you reinvent charity and take what was a very confusing grey area and make it so simple and open to people. The hole idea of changing the way charity is run and losing all the corporate crap. Opening all aspects to the public and putting a real human face on it.

Truly remarkable
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