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Matthew Fowler
Learn to laugh at your self.... chances are everyone else already is!
Learn to laugh at your self.... chances are everyone else already is!

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Awesome trip! 

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Vote for the photo of the week! 

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Its time to make product imaging a strategy for success!  

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Vote! Vote! Vote! I'm revisiting some of my old italy pics help me get featured this week!

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Samsung has officially announced its +Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S 4, for the U.S.

Will you be getting one?

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Could Not Agree More!  +John Kellden 
Truly remarkable tuesday

Add these wonderful people to your stream.

Science: +Rajini Rao
Social Era: +Nilofer Merchant
Collective Intelligence: +Ferananda Ibarra
Insights: +Michelle Beissel
Learning: +monika hardy
Art: +Susanne Ramharter
News: +Susan Stone
Empathy: +Karin Sebelin
Life: +Eve A
Engagement: +Jennifer Sertl
Science policy and Water: +Gaythia Weis
Writing and Teaching: +Meg Tufano
Education: +Laura Gibbs
Evolutionary economics: +Marjolein Caniels
Psychology: +Sonja Samuda
Software alchemy: +dawn ahukanna
Ireland: +Eileen O'Duffy
Innovation: +Sophie Wrobel
Language: +Mariana Soffer
Wit: +Dede Craig King
Paris: +Marie Hélène Visconti
Technology: +Bitte Rozalia
Visual thinking: +Inma VP
Google Hangouts: +Yifat Cohen
Google Plus: +Jaana Nyström 

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Quality can be worth the price if you plan on keeping something for the long run! 
As a business owner, you need to explain the value of what you provide, compared to your cheaper competitors. Prospective clients and customers will happily pay more, so long as the value is clear to them...

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If you're a fan of The Matrix series, the creators of those films are working on a new TV series called Sense8. The kicker? It'll be coming out exclusively to +Netflix in 2014!
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