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Imagine going back in time and letting people know you'd be streaming music from your car, they'd think you're crazy!

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T-Mobile is no longer playing - they dropped the entire list of their LTE-A markets on us, including those that have "trifecta" boosters. I'd say it's likely that you are covered.

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Insane state of today's advertising part 3.

Companies like Cedato and (now OneByAOL?) are the scum of the Internet. Ads like these make me so mad. Just look at this shit.

A static ad loads. Then behind the scenes thousands of requests continue to execute, absolutely destroying browser performance. And the worst part is nothing is even happening on the screen - the ad that is showing is completely static.

Currently reproducible here:
1. Open Chrome Dev Tools on desktop.
2. Load up
3. Disable your ad blocker on that page and reload.
4. Observe the sad state of today's advertising hasn't changed in years since I first brought it up here and here

Advertising companies that do this - you are the reason people use ad blockers. Greedy and incompetent.
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Oh man, the Pixel 2 (made by HTC) showed up at the FCC today and revealed a ton. Android 8.0.1, squeezy side, processor, storage amount, and more.

#android #google #pixel2 #pixelxl2

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The new Unifi network/video gear and software is pretty dope. Lotta fancy graphs and metrics. The hardware is rock solid. Power over ethernet access points really simplifies things. Also got a couple cameras (which are also PoE/wired).

Unifi Gateway
3 x Unifi AP AC (1 offsite)
2 x Unifi managed switch (supports PoE and 802.3af power delivery)
2 x Unifi G3 Camera

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Unifi Controller software are running on a Intel Skull Canyon NUC I got a few months ago.

The NVR is a hybrid cloud-- no subscription. The video is locally stored, but can be remotely accessed. There's also a 3rd party plugin that allows integration with SmartThings.

It's nice to see a hardware first company get the software right.
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Damnit, and it's only mid-month. The main culprit in my case was a 400GB or so cloud backup that ran this month, but this new (in my area at least) 1TB Comcast cap is bullshit with the file sizes and 4K streaming these days.

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Dear #Flashify users,

TL,DR: Flashify is leeching Team Win bandwidth so we have blocked it.

It has come to my attention that the Flashify app has been directly downloading #TWRP images from our web server without displaying our website pages and thus our ads. As much as I (and probably many of you) hate ads, the ads are Team Win's primary source of revenue. The Flashify developer has done this "bypass" without our knowledge and without our permission. It may have been this way for a very long time, but that still doesn't make it right.

I reached out to the developer via email, but I have yet to receive a response. I am sure that the current method we are using to block his downloads will be easily bypassed again, but I am hopeful that instead of bypassing, he will respond and we can come to terms that allow Team Win to maintain our revenue stream while still allowing users of his app to download TWRP images.

In the meantime, Flashify users, please contact the developer of the app and ask him not to leech our bandwidth and to find a way to work with us and not against us. You can also still download our TWRP images in your web browser at

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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