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I figure you may appreciate my write up of the projects in +MAKE blog! :) #DIYSpaceWeek  
Does the thought of an asteroid falling out of the sky keep you up at night? Join a Hangout with NASA on Thursday to learn more — then help save the Earth by contributing your ideas to the 2014 Int...
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Check out my latest story for #DIYSpaceWeek at Make!
Help NASA find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them.
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Super proud to have been asked to contribute to MAKE Magazine blog's DIY Space Week. My first article HAD to pay homage to the history of satellite making. Dennis Wingo & I have heard too much talk about who had the first crowdfunded, crowdsourced smallsat coming from people who weren't even alive yet when that had already happened.

It is also important to realize that human space exploration has been on-going WAY BEFORE we launched things into space, and even before Galileo made his telescope. Participatory exploration existed well before NASA made it a buzzword just a few years ago. Alex Macdonald's article on the history of private US space exploration was the perfect compliment.

and +MAKE  is the perfect venue to set that record straight. I'm ver excited to share with a LOT more to come!
Setting the record straight on the history of crowdfunded, crowdsourced Do-It-Yourself satellites
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Matthew F Reyes

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My original article ;)
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Matthew F Reyes

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I present to you my latest ‪#‎DIYSpaceWeek‬ +MAKE magazine article on the Mars Rover Art Car, featuring interviews with +Jet Burns & +Tina Merrie Newman 

How a Burning Man crew brought space to the Playa.
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Matthew F Reyes

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And today in MAKE Magazine: Not one but TWO amazing blog stories that highlight the true participatory nature of the NASA Centennial Challenges. NASA Technology is asking for your input on how to make a proposed Mars Ascent Vehicle Challenge better once it's implemented.

Mars Ascent Vehicle Challenge = Robots + Rockets + Playing in the Dirt.

This one I'll be paying attention to closely.  Pass along the word!
NASA is proposing a Centennial Challenge to build robotic rocket sample return systems.
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Matthew F Reyes

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Freelance scientific molecular evolutionary biological videographic NASA microgravitational & space education specialist, & Phish head.
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