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$30 frames + 3d printer = Prototype prescription frames adapter.

BTW: They fold
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that's AWESOME! can we see the adapter not connected to the frames?
I'm thinking of having them printed in metal so I can shave off some material, but I'm not sure about the weight tradeoff. Certainly going to sand and paint the prototypes or do another run in black. 
I've also got another pair of glasses coming ($45 this time, with lenses) that are a lot more like the Titanium Split frames. I'm hoping the adapter will work with little or no adjustments. 
do you have any plans to share your design? I'm very interested in doing something similar.
+Nick Turide Yes (kind of). You would need an adapter for each pair of frames. But you don't need the torq screw on Glass. Maybe that will change. This is just a prototype and I don't know how durable they are yet. 
Awesome! Please remember that if you decide to share your design, a lot of us would pay for tech like this! 
you will use different glasses if you want to go in cinema??maybe
+Matthew Carlson would you be willing to share your design? I'd like to try it out in an extra pair of frames I have... I have a very strong prescription and although I've ordered the new frames, I worry that they won't be able to fit my lenses to it. 
This is great! Would definitely love to see a picture of the adapter alone. Could you elaborate how it connects Glass to your frame? Thanks!
Nice work! This is awesome!
+Matthew Carlson I may take you up on that as well. Purchased Google's titanium frames...but worried that it might not support my prescription
The fact alone that they fold is amazing!
Humza T
Can you sell me an adapter
Any update on getting access to this adapter?
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