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Matthew Caluori

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Everyone who has lived and died on Earth:

Compare how many people have ever lived with how many are alive today at:

Image by National Geographic​
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+Kopesy J. Only the Father knows when that will happen. 
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Matthew Caluori

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An advertisement for a french website that sells glasses
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+Terence Mappin The photographer, Tadao Cern, dressed in similar clothes and posed the same as Van Gogh to get the shot. The glasses website company superimposed the original painting and the photo together. I hope they paid him well. 
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Matthew Caluori

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Google Vastly Simplifies Captcha

Intelligence can now tell if you are a robot with a single click.

Good for users. Bad for robots. 
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What happens when a robot is trained to push buttons on a computer screen? 
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Matthew Caluori

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Written by Steven Bancarz | We often speak of the universe being a reflection of ourselves, and point to how the eye, veins, and brain cells mirror visual phenomenon in the natural universe.

As above so below right?
How about the idea that the universe is a giant brain? - See more at:
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Nice to think about
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Matthew Caluori

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"Three Little Things"

A perception of trust and credibility is formed by our almost instantaneous calculation of the three other sets of perceptions:

1. Knowledge & Expertise
2. Honesty & Openness
3. Concern & Care

The three are related. Knowledge & Expertise rarely operate in a vacuum. Because they are empowering they become the means through which we demonstrate our commitment to the community. Our willingness to share without strings attached an indication of who we are and how much we value our activity and its impact. 

All of these are qualities that an algorithm, powered by a deep neural net can actually workout on the fly. Within our heads, using a variety of clues including tone, voice and attitude, we do the same in less than a second. 

The activities that determine trust also reflect on the trustworthiness of entities in a semantic search world and the trustworthiness of the content they share. In other words you cannot separate a person's professed beliefs from his actions any more than you can separate the way a business claims to behave from the way it actually does behave. 

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Matthew Caluori

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Matthew Caluori originally shared:
Will Big Talk Move Your Line In The Social Sand?

Dear Google Plus friends who have motivated, challenged, and inspired me most.
I ask for 5 minutes of your reading time, to share this meaningful message with you.  

No worries if you can’t spare a few minutes. Here’s the TL;DR:

1. You’re asked uncomfortably serious questions.
2. You see why the questions are important.
3. You see Big Talk, a project that’s making conversations more meaningful.

No affiliate links, just sharing with you


You have some serious questions below, that may be uncomfortable to answer.
I promise it’s for a reason, and worth your time.

Please hear me out for a moment, and I’ll share with you a wonderfully refreshing project I came across while participating in the Gumroad @SmallProductLab.

My first question is:
What’s on your mind right now? 

Anything you’re thinking about, but not talking about?
Do you hesitate to share these thoughts when someone asks how your day is?

Be honest with yourself. 
You don’t have to tell me.  

What I care about, is if your important thoughts have an outlet.

If you’re anything like me, you hold back from expressing a lot of your thoughts. 

Likely, your reasons for holding back involve fears of rejection.

Your internal thoughts can be...
> easily misunderstood by family
> too personal or controversial for friends
> difficult to explain
> incomplete
> emotional

Yes, you have a good reason for not speaking your mind about everything to everyone.
However, your line in the social sand is drawn far away from what’s meaningful to you.

We speak about socially acceptable topics, like:
weather, movies, tv, technology, news, and (sometimes) politics and religion.

This small talk is nice, sometimes.

Though, small talk doesn’t satisfy our deep desire to express meaningful thoughts.

You are more than the memes, texts, and tweets that flood your social interactions.

You are more than what’s trending now.

That said, small talk isn’t going away.

There’s a place for casual conversations in many of our daily social encounters.

What concerns me is the idea that you and I stop (or never start) expressing what really matters to us. 

Your meaningful thoughts are what make you unique.

There’s likely an entire audience of people who feel and think the same way as you.

They may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, but the internet allows a quick connection. Finding these people is a challenge. Small talk doesn’t get us closer.

This is why I am excited when I see fresh new ideas that challenge social norms. 

My entire purpose for sharing this post, is to introduce you to: Big Talk.

I first saw this project while competing for the Ozy Genius Awards this year.

Sure enough, creator Kalina Silverson (@KalinaSilverman) was a winner with Big Talk.

Then, this week I saw Big Talk again in the Gumroad @SmallProductLab(on Twitter).

Big Talk is still moving ahead, but needs more help to grow and reach more people.

What really stands out about the Big Talk project, is how it takes conversations into the real world. Big Talk helps draw people closer together who are located close to you. 
You have a chance, with Big Talk, to open deeper conversations with people you know.

You may not need new friends, just closer connections with current friends.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, I highly recommend taking a look at Big Talk for yourself, connect and share this awesome project with your close friends.

PS - Personally, I created a Google+ circle called “Big Talk” and only added people who add meaningful information and conversations to my life. You and I may speak directly, or I may read what you share silently. If you’re reading this, you’re in my circle. If you don’t want to be, just let me know, and you won’t receive any more posts like this.

PPS - If you will, please take a moment to consider these next questions:

> How do you start conversations about topics you care most about?
> Where do you share thoughts outside the social norms?
> Where do your most heartfelt social conversations take place online?
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Matthew Caluori

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Some guy cut the Millennium Falcon on 1 piece of paper with an X-Acto knife...the force is strong in this one.

#millenniumfalcon   #starwars   #kirigami  
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Dig Vader and obi wan throwing down in the doorway!
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Matthew Caluori

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What's your pick for the Ozy Genius awards?

Full disclosure: My entry is "Debt Dent"
Vote for this genius idea in the Ozy Genius Awards!
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Matthew Caluori

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Rain on the beach - what do we know? Turns out not much in terms of granular impact cratering by liquid drops. "This video, created by researchers from University of Minnesota, shows how drops of water landing on microscopic glass beads — just like the particles of sand on a beach — affect what lies beneath. Depending on the momentum of the drops, they can leave a wide variety of craters, as the video shows. Interestingly, it turns out that rain drops landing in sand behave in much the same was as asteroid impacts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video below won the 2014 APS Physics Fluid Motion Award."



Granular impact cratering by liquid drops: Understanding raindrop imprints through an analogy of asteroid strikes

Raindrop impact on a sandy surface


  #science #fluid #motion #raindrop #rain #sand #granular  
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dunno why....asteroids are made from rock not the experiment is a waste of an award.
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Matthew Caluori

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The Evolution of the Work Desk

Yep, this pretty much shows it all.

#gif   #gifs  
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Very bad journey........
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