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Will your pixel rom work for the verizon based phone assuming I unlock the bootloader etc?? Yes I should have bought the from google but do not have the money and wanted to go verizon anyway.

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Moto X Pure -- 11/6 with Opengapps -- Clean Flash

It will boot fine and smooth but then it will hard lock up. I also tried playing Spotify both wired/wireless to my headset since it can do both and it stuttered both on Wifi and 4G.

When I use 6.0.1 on this same phone, I do not have any of the issues. If it would not hard lock and music stutter like it does then it would be a daily driver.

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But mom .. were going the wrong way .. :)

General Question: Since I own the moto pure, does Moto need to release firmware for nuget for you all to get it working or will the blobs from 6.0.1 work with nuget?

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Yes this with me hanging around the apartment but still wanted to show people that the pure can have good battery.

Love the rom on my moto pure but I notice that when it sleeps, I will not get some notifications until I awake it. Any ideas?

Does anyone have an Smartwatch(Just bought me a huwai watch) and how much battery drain are you getting from it?

Someone made a camera mod on XDA that fixes the Pure camera biggest problem of not having a manual focus.


You can download the camera app from the playstore which if your camera junkie, which I am not even come close, would love.

I just wanted to give you all a big thanks because my Moto X Pure is now enjoying its broken goodness. Keep up the work.
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