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A new year and its time for new covers for Stacy Birdcatcher Series. We're still waiting for Amazon to show the new covers but in the meantime check out her site if you want to see them in full resolution.

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The Birdcatcher by Stacy Bourns

The Birdcatcher is book one in the Birdcatcher series, previously it has only been available as an ebook. Now though you can purchase it in paperback from Amazon.

4 star reviewed book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.

With a heavy heart, sixteen-year old Alice Davison boards a transatlantic steamship heading toward an unknown life in post-Civil War America. This dread soon blossoms into terror when she senses that there is someone, or something, lurking in the dark crevices of the ship. When a new friend mysteriously dies, Alice finds that her worst fears have come true: she and the other passengers are trapped on board with a creature straight out of a Gothic novel. Vampires, it seems, are all too real. Unfortunately, danger doesn't only prowl in the dark bowels of the ship. It also thrives in the sparkling rooms of first class and even hides in the murky waters of the Atlantic. And when she finds herself ensnared by a first-class passenger, enchanting Sir Henry Falkner, she can't even be sure whether he is her suitor or her enemy.

The sequel Artemis Rising is available now and Lodestar the final volume coming soon.

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I hope that something like this gets built, it will make our cities more liveable and enjoyable. Instead of miles of concrete and tarmac, we can have neighborhoods that are sustainable. Your local shops and restaurants will thrive and there will be a sense of community.

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The Birdcatcher series, Daughter of the Earth and For Mercy's Sake by Stacy Bourns

Thanks to +Denton Public Library​​​ for purchasing Stacy's books on Overdrive. If you would like your library to list the books contact them through the recommend this book feature on Overdrive. The library book price is very reasonable.

The link below will take you to all Stacy's books on Overdrive, please ignore the error page reference as google+ is not co-operating.

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+Stacy Bourns has just finished NaNoWriMo, she used the time to write Lodestar the final novel in The Birdcatcher Trilogy. Good luck to all the other writers out there rushing to beat the deadline.

Now comes the hard work of editing and polishing the book for publication. If you want to get a head start on the series the first book is currently free.

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The Birdcatcher by Stacy Bourns

Now that the Thanksgiving rush is over why not settle down with a good book. If you are in the mood for a paranormal romance, check out The Birdcatcher. Free on Smashwords, Google Play, iTunes, Nook and others.

#freebook #paranormalromance

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The Birdcatcher  by Stacy Bourns

When we published this paranormal vampire romance on all platforms we decided to list this first volume in the trilogy for free. In the past 48 hours 60 people have picked up a copy through Smashwords and Amazon. Thanks to all you readers out there and we hope you are enjoying the book. We would love to have your feeedback through reviews on your favourite sites. 

The Birdcatcher by Stacy Bourns. Available now at your favourite book sites. This link will take you to a summary and sample along with links to the book on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Itunes and Kobo as well as others.

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Stacy Bourns - Young Adult Author

In May 2013 we published Stacy's first book on Amazon, The Birdcatcher. Since then we have published the sequel Artemis Rising and Daughter of the Earth a YA historical Adventure. For younger readers there is For Mercy's Sake a Ghost club mystery. They were only available on Kindle.

We have now made them all available on multiple book sites. Below are links to her author page on the stores. You may be able to pick up her books from your library as they are available through overdrive. If you have a subscription to oyster or scribd there are available there also.

So pick up your ipads, android tablets, iphones or android phones and treat yourselves to a new book. The Birdcatcher is free on smashwords, google play & goodreads. It will soon be free on everyone else as well. Don't forget to check out her website for the latest information on her books.


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Reading Rainbow  its not too late

Only a few more hours left on the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, it is already the most successful campaign to date. However every donation helps brings this program to more kids in need. If you can please help this grow in its final hours.

#kickstartercampaign   #illiteracy   #readingrainbow   #reading   #donate  

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For Mercy's Sake A Ghost Club Mystery Free today & tomorrow 6/7&8

A middle grade detective novel, help the kids enjoy their long summer days with a new story.

Elsa, Haley, Megan, and Abby are typical eleven-year old girls who love sleepovers, music, and friends. When an unexpected ghostly guest, Mercy Aldridge, comes to Haley's birthday party, they find out that they also like a good mystery, no matter where, or when, it takes them. 

A tale of friendship, mystery, and the mystical, this first installment in the Ghost Club series illustrates what four enterprising girls can do when they decide to take on both the normal, and the paranormal, world.

#ebooksfree   #kindlebooks  
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