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I think we can do it better...
I think we can do it better...

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Great comeback at the end of game one.

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Please please please please please please don't suck.

An exclusive new trailer for #SuicideSquad just premiered at the MTV Movie Awards, and it’s incredibly vexing, as #HarleyQuinn would say, to be so close and yet so far away from the film’s August 5 release.

It seems Denver, always lagging a tad behind, has really adopted angular 1.x, at least from my admittedly very limited exposure.

I've explored ng2 a little and I always come back to the same gripe, transpiling sucks. Even it simple systems it seems to have such a negative experience on my development workflow that I am spending more time being frustrated by it then helped by it.

Perhaps I need to just adapt. But when I'm looking for speed on project development any slowdown gets very annoying quite quickly. WebStorm occasionally drags on me, but generally behaves. I'm restarting as soon as it even begins to throw a tantrum.

I wish I could use this as an excuse to complain about TypeScript but I can't really blame it. ES6 transpiling still sucks.

#ng2 #denver

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I'm sure most of the money went to countless meeting to discuss the color of the arrows.

I'm pretty sure at this point that every Skype phone call starts with 30 seconds of "can you hear me? I can hear you, can you hear me?"


My feed is currently 75% Project Fi inviteless posts.

And to think I passed up on it when I got mine.

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Get inspired design
Need #inspiration for a variety of #web based interface #designs? Check out this site which makes it super easy to see what others are making. #Useful

"Our site is best experienced with ad blockers turned off " is probably the biggest lie on the internet right now. 

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See this right here? This jet has cost, so far, $1.3 trillion dollars. And, it's so buggy they shouldn't be flying it.


Hey all, my brother and I have created a new type of Fantasy Football site, where we mix in some stock market mechanics.

We're giving away prizes if you win the Super Bowl league we have setup.

Check it out!
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