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Debt discharged in bankruptcy is only a few drops in the sea of debt. 
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Matthew Berkus

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Mike Rowe, the worst advice in the history of the world may be attending college (more precisely, borrowing money to attend college). 
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Matthew Berkus

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Mitch. You "shouldn't" receive another 1099-C. Let's make sure we clarify the relevant forms. When a house is sold, the first tax reporting form is a 1099-A. The 1099-A reports that a possibly taxable sale took place. The 1099-A relates to capital gains tax. A 1099-C relates to forgiveness of debt. If the lender forgave the debt or if the debtor filed bankruptcy and discharged the debt, the lender will issue a 1099-C (unless the lender lives in a non-recourse state). The 1099-C reports the forgiven portion of the debt as income. The debtor then must use IRS Form 982 to address the 1099-C assuming the debtor falls into one of the exceptions to paying tax on a 1099-C. 

In your particular situation Mitch, if the debt (the mortgage) was discharged in bankruptcy, it really wouldn't be a major hassle if you received a second 1099-C (although you shouldn't receive one) because the same bankruptcy exception (on form 982) would apply. 
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Matthew Berkus

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Country Aire RV Park
1700 N Main St, Cedar City, UT 84721
Customer Service at its finest Cedar City style.
I call a Country Aire RV Park to get rates & amenities. Lady answers phone & I inquire. She is heard leaving a message for someone named Nick & she loves him. She comes back to me & asks me to repeat my question. As I'm asking again she tells me to hold on she has another phone ringing. I ask is that person more important then the potential customer you have on the phone right now? She replies I don't know let me see. She comes back & quotes $40.00 a night more than 2 people $2.00 for each additional person. Do you have Good Sams club? Me: yes. Okay still $40.00. Drove by the place & look what I find. $36.00 rate for Good Sams club. Guess they are having communication issues.
Too bad, you lose Country Aire. Your competition beat you on price and service.
Appeal Poor - FairFacilities GoodService Poor - Fair
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Matthew Berkus

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Great place. In my opinion, better than Chipotle. I had the grilled salmon tacos with citrus slaw, but they have other filings beside fish. You order at the counter, but they bring the food to you; which is nice. Service is fast. I have driven by Wahoo's on numerous occasions and finally decided to stop in, I am glad I did.
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Joey and the team at All Dry are professional, reliable and fair. If you are in a bind with water or fire damage, All Dry is the only company to call.
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Arguably, one of the best dentists in Denver. Dr. Downs and Dr. Lee are both great and the staff is warm and friendly. Use of advanced technology is a nice touch (digital x-rays, etc) and makes the process of seeing the dentist so much better. They are very straight forward and complete in their treatment recommendations and don't recommend things you don't need just to push their bottom line. Dr. Downs has done some amazing work for patients; if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do so; it is 21st century dentistry.
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For what you get, this place is over priced. Granted, they have a great wine selection for the area, but the food, combined with a general pretentious attitude is just not worth it. The food is good, but the forced 4 course menu with smallish portions is just not worth it. Combine that with a pretentious server (in this case, Brian), and you just feel like you are are getting jipped at every step. If you are looking for "fine" dining in Sooke, this is one of maybe 2 options, but you are better off buying some fish at the market and cooking it yourself. Skip this place and save your money. No value, pretentious service, only above average food. Average price per person with a cheapish bottle of wine, $130.
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I have know Carlos for some time, he is a superb personal trainer and coach. The cost is very reasonable and he keeps the sessions interesting and and you stay involved. They also provide excellent dietary and supplement advice; it is truly full service training.
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A great find in Denver. Inexpensive, very funny and clean content. Don't let the drab basement feel of the venue deter you, the show is very good. Keep in mind, this not a "traditional" comedy club.
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