Chronic pain and job loss has been a brutal blow to my household income, and I am attempting to make up for some of the loss.  I am running some freelancing to try to contribute to household income.

The question is what can I do for you?

I can run an RPG for you and your friends (RISUS, FAE, Fate, Bids)
I can run a one on one story game
I can run a one shot of West City Supers, a FAE street level superhero game of working class heroes, just trying to earn a living.
I can walk you through a guided meditation
I can help you brainstorm game design
I can playtest your game and provide feedback.
I can be a pair of ears to vent to
I am up for suggestions, if you are looking for things other than the above.

These will be Audio via hangout.
Due to my medical issues theses sessions will be capped at two hours running length.  I can be Paid Via Paypal, and it is PWYW, suggested price is $10 an hour, or $5 an hour per person if I am hosting multiple people.  Please reply on the original post or by direct message if interested.

My paypal is Strathadan @ (remove spaces)

The games are free, but tips are encouraged if you enjoy them.

DeScriptors is a word based quick play RPG.

The First Descriptors game is a humorous post apocalyptic setting.

The second Descriptors game is Ethanol Pop. An optimistic biodiesel punk setting.

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