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Gamer, Book Nerd, Movie Buff . . .


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Chronic pain and job loss has been a brutal blow to my household income, and I am attempting to make up for some of the loss.  I am running some freelancing to try to contribute to household income.

The question is what can I do for you?

I can run an RPG for you and your friends (RISUS, FAE, Fate, Bids)
I can run a one on one story game
I can run a one shot of West City Supers, a FAE street level superhero game of working class heroes, just trying to earn a living.
I can walk you through a guided meditation
I can help you brainstorm game design
I can playtest your game and provide feedback.
I can be a pair of ears to vent to
I am up for suggestions, if you are looking for things other than the above.

These will be Audio via hangout.
Due to my medical issues theses sessions will be capped at two hours running length.  I can be Paid Via Paypal, and it is PWYW, suggested price is $10 an hour, or $5 an hour per person if I am hosting multiple people.  Please reply on the original post or by direct message if interested.

My paypal is Strathadan @ (remove spaces)

The games are free, but tips are encouraged if you enjoy them.

DeScriptors is a word based quick play RPG.

The First Descriptors game is a humorous post apocalyptic setting.

The second Descriptors game is Ethanol Pop. An optimistic biodiesel punk setting.

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Jilli spent time looking for a knowledgeable local bard. She chatted and plied her with drinks and and wonderful (if cheap) food.

After some chatting and light flirts.

Do you have any fun local stories of dragons ghouls ooh wait no...were beasts oh and do you have anything about toys turning into beasties? Those are fun fireside tales.

The stats quiz gave me the following

Str 7
Int 13
Wis 15
Dex 11
Con 6 T_T
Charisma 16

STR 7 CON 6, well I can be a sorcerer or the worst barbarian ever Heh

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I mocked up Jilli in Black Desert


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Some damage levels seem off to me. The chains on a flail are there to add force to a swing, if daggers and batons are base level 1, then I feel like Maces and Flails should be damage 2, while a spiked gauntlet can be reduced down to 1. Tridents are one handed, remember the traditional gladiator would have a trident in one hand a net or shield in the other, perhaps it deals 3 damage if used two handed? I could just house rule it, but I thought you might like to know.

This is a really cool list though, I really like the variety. I also enjoy the writing on the weapon descriptions which are very evocative.
Looks like my first post on this got deleted...or...something. Anyway, here's take two! I'm working on the equipment for #openadventure but I'm doing things a little differently.
First, I'm adding tons more "tech" for dungeoneering & tactical adventures. Topics like overland travel will have its own tech at a later date.
Second, I'm adding a lot more science-fiction equipment. That means lasercoms, portable labs, gas sensors, hacker kits, grapnel launchers, backpack scanners, oxygen tanks & more. Everything you need for planetary & stellar exploration.
Third, I'm going to add a small description/explanation for each item, and cover any fiddly rules that pertain to the item. As you can see in the image below, the "details" and "abilities" of each item are written in a smaller "fine print". This covers things like the weight, price, handedness, etc. There will still be tables for each section listing the equipment for sale (for ease of reference).
You'll also see that I'm re-adding Tech Levels. Yes, to the basic rulebook. I've decided to cover that rule from the start since the equipment in this chapter will be all over the timeline.


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Reliving seems like an awkward word to me, It seems to me that I would just state not all undead are evil. Those who have taken on a different living form are reincarnations, and books and items can be ensouled or possessed.
I have a new term I'd like to coin within the #osr community. If you like it, please reshare this post so it becomes a de facto term.

As angels are to demons, the opposite of the undead is the reliving. Undead are dead creatures reanimated, whereas reliving are living creatures that died early.

Reliving choose to live once again, usually in spirit form. They can manifest as audible noise (such as Obi-Wan Kenobi whispering in Luke's ear), natural phenomenon (such as Mufasa in the clouds looking down towards Simba), hallucinations or dreams (such as "Ellie's" father in the movie Contact), or even physical form--usually through reincarnation--such as spirit animals from native American mythos.

Most undead lose their former mind/spirit, but carry on in their vessels (bodies), reliving maintain their spirit but usually lose their bodies.

Reliving are similar to ghosts and other spirits, with a few key differences. Most ghosts are evil by nature and seek vengeance after a vice or sinful act (such as a brutal murder). Whereas reliving are good/divine and choose to protect and guide the living in service of a virtue (charity, bravery, peace, etc). Ghosts usually lay to rest once their vengeance has been exacted, but reliving rest after their virtue has been realized.

While most self-resurrection is reserved for angels/demons (such as Gandalf being reborn), Demi gods and Gods, some reliving can be reincarnated into other creatures (such as animals), or even channeled into an object (making the object "intelligent"). Other reliving may instead only influence the world as an invisible "hand" of destiny, changing small factors & odds in favor of would-be adventurers that seek the complete the quest they failed to fulfill.


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