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I can't move windows fully in to my top monitor on Gnome3!

Windows moved up as far as I can - notice the super tall Chrome window (left) can go past the top of the screen. The limit I can move upward appears to be directly related to window size.

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Thanks for the link - I tried to find someone else talking about it and didn't have any luck.

A different monitor here at the office, and it does the same exact thing. Left to right works fine, but top/bottom and I can't drag /anything/ on to the second monitor.
Thanks for the suggestion. This is what I eventually settled on, although since this is a laptop I end up changing the display configuration fairly frequently. I use "disper" ( and I just have to make sure I specify the top monitor first so that it is the primary. This works out great at home, but at work I really would prefer to have my laptop be the primary monitor for a variety of reasons. The work-around is acceptable, but not ideal.
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