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I can't drag windows up (fully) to my second monitor in Gnome3!

Are you using Gnome3? Can you tell me if, when you have two monitors set up so that they are vertically aligned, if you can fully move a window to the secondary monitor?

It works fine when I have them positioned virtually left/right, but if I put them on top of each other, I can only move a window into about 2/3 of the secondary monitor. The mouse cursor can go over the entire monitor (as seen in one of the screenshots), so the virtual desktop size is correct.

When I press the windows key and get the expose type view, I can drag the thumbnail of a window up to the very top of the secondary monitor, so that part of the screen is valid.

The amount I can drag the window in to the top is related to the size of the window. A big window can go further up, but I can not drag the entire window up (there's always some that has to stay in the primary monitor).

This is on Linux Mint with Gnome3 and MGSE. I experienced this the OS graphics driver and with the NVIDIA proprietary driver.

(in retrospect I should have made these screenshots with a background image present)
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Might be a limitation of the X server, though I've seen big quad display layouts before that worked.
I don't see how it could be a limitation of the X server. The area can be drawn on just fine. If I'd been less brain dead I'd have shown a wallpaper and you'd see that. I had no issue with this particular configuration in Ubuntu 11.04 with Gnome2.

I'll try it with some other configurations later, but I was hoping someone who uses Gnome3 and multiple monitors could try it for me and let me know if they see the same thing.
LOL Is this still an open bug, over two years later?
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