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"And we have the chance to really change the world, because my son... Is an homeopath" 
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Evroniani is the first issue of PKNA, with the number 0.

Here we meet the main villains of the story: aliens who feed on emotions. It's also the story where Paperinik becomes Pikappa. It's a big jump: new weapons, new allies, new car!

Uno is the main ally, an artificial intelligence with a wicked sense of humor.

We also meet briefly Lyla Lay and Camera 9, and of course the great Angus Fangus, the ruthless reporter.

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Sunday afternoon 
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... weird. 
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Never let it be said that Men’s Rights activists can’t accomplish great things. Oh, sure, in what the old fogies call “the real world” their victories are pretty much nonexi…
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Hello and welcome to this new collection where I'll read and comment the fabulous PKNA (Paperinik new adventures).

The adventures are now quite old, but they're still awesome.

So, what's Pikappa? Pikappa is a new take on Paperinik (aka Duck Avenger), heavily inspired by american superheroes comics. Aliens, time travel, supervillains, but also humor, feelings, and death. Yes, death in a disney comic.

Brace yourself. If you're curious you can find an english version here:
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About "death in a (modern) Disney comic book", Don Rosa's story with the death of Uncle Scrooge's mum is from 1993, the first PK was published in 1996.

I added "modern" to the quote above because pre-WWII Disney was different (see Bambi)
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When you eat an ice cream, roll +tongue. On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1.

- the ice cream is good
- you do not make a mess of yourself
- you do not get brain freeze 
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Ok, there's no such thing as a stupid question, but when someone's demonstrating an experiment about communicating vessels with a mixture of wine and vinegar, the question "can I drink it?" comes very close to being stupid. 
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Tonight I dreamt an interesting approach on magic.

We were in a house. There was water dripping from the ceiling, so I levitated up to see where was it leaking. I discovered that the top half of the room was actually in the past.

So there was a girl and she asked if I could levitate her too. I tried but couldn't. "is it because I'm fat?" she asked. "no it has nothing to do with weight. It's based on intimacy" So I hugged her and I managed to levitate.

After that there were shenanigans with not-so-evil clones but whatever. 
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Basically you can't magic a stranger 
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Ehy look they're talking about me!

Well, not by name, but I'm one of the developers involved.

For some reason the screenshot shows a different url though. The actual one is 
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Il frutto del nostro sudore! 😅
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Oh God Tony, but why? 
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I'm mostly free to play, but I have an affirmative action scholarship program that she qualified for :) So far I've purchased Sif, War Machine, Spider Woman, and Nebula.
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