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Father, husband, wedding photographer and marketing addicted
Father, husband, wedding photographer and marketing addicted

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Lake Garda, calm but impressive. The wedding of Sabine and Bart
I grew up enjoying the sea, like most of us. Sea of Friuli, Campania. Beautiful places, beautiful feeling of salty water, sunset on the far horizon.

But doing this job I discovered the lake, indeed the lakes.
Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda.

It's the Garda lake that is today the protagonist of this wedding in Gardone Riviera at Torre San Marco - Villa Fiordaliso.
The location is amazing and the lake's mood is fascinating.
Calm but impressive just like the lake could be.

Sabine and Bart come from Belgium, this year Belgium was very important to me, just a few weeks ago I was in Antwerp for another awesome wedding.

They are a couple who has been able to live the day with great serenity, they have two children that they love each other so much. There were so many friends with them.
Max, the owner of the San Marco Tower, created for them a perfect and elegant event and made me feel at home with his warm welcome.

Here's a few photos of this hot June 4 on Lake Garda:

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Elisa and Michele, Wedding in the Castle of Vigoleno
In Elisa's room:
The red velvet canopy bed, the paintings, the antique mirror... I know them very well.
Elisa is sitting silently, looking through the window, her fingers tapping on her knees.
The hills of Piacenza, in front of her, reflect the light entering the red room of the Vigoleno Castle.

In Michele's room:
His eyes were dancing around without rest, a few intimate friends around, helping him in this strong moment.
Michelle smiles, almost trembling. I rarely see grooms so excited.
I try to distract him by explaining that in Elisa's room is all smooth.
He relaxes a little and dresses in a few minutes.

In Elisa's room:
Time flies, the frenzy increases.
There's a lot of movement here, the girls, the mom, the sister.
In a few minutes she is dressed and she coordinates all with apparent calm.

Elisa and Michele are two engineers, precise and organised.
Michele is perhaps more emotional guy.
Elisa hides her sensitivity behind her warm smile.

It's a awesome couple to photograph.
Some photos of this beautiful day:

Thanks to Elena, manager of the Castle fo Vigoleno, and Claudia Antolini wedding designer of this beautiful wedding.
Here is the post on my blog: Wedding in Castle of Vigoleno

#castellodivigoleno #piacenza #weddingphotographer #romanticwedding #love #photograph #photoshoot #photos #photographer #photography #photo #weddingday #weddings #wedding #photodaily #photoofday #photograpy #photolove #weddingphoto #weddingreportage #weddingitaly #weddingitalianphotographer
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Nella stanza di Elisa:

Il letto a baldacchino di velluto rosso, i quadri, lo specchio antico, li conosco ormai molto bene.
Elisa è seduta in silenzio, guarda attraverso la finestra, le dita tamburellano sulle ginocchia.
Le colline del piacentino, di fronte a lei, riflettono la luce che entra con forza nella stanza rossa del Castello di Vigoleno.

Nella stanza di Michele:

I suoi occhi danzano senza sosta, pochi intimi attorno a lui, lo aiutano a vestirsi.
Sorride Michele, quasi tremando. Raramente vedo sposi così emozionati.
Cerco di distrarlo spiegandogli che da Elisa tutto fila liscio.
Si rilassa un pochettino forse e si veste in pochi minuti.
Il resto qui:
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I write quietly from a cafe in Piazza San Fedele, Milan, behind the gallery.
Huge windows show me what’s going on out there. Two traffic wardens get bored, a teenager leaning on the wall was listens to music with his new, cumbersome but brand new Beats. A very young couple in the background, silent.
The sun of this incredible Italian October warms the “walking distracted” tourists.
No music in the coffee shop.
I also put my headphones and  Colin Hay’s Beautiful World starts playing.
My eyes go out again, now I see a couple around 65 years old, sitting on a bench right in front of me, she embraces him from behind and kisses his cheek.
Then he turns to her and they kisses again. They look around a bit embarrassed, laughing.
I don’ t photograph them but I resume writing.

and one day comes the wedding that makes you realise you’re really in the right place at the right time.
Everything is natural, everything happens by following a schedule that can’t be written but is the only track to follow.
Once again I am here to tell a story, two people, a party and maybe even a bit of what has been before.
Everything goes smoothly.
It could be because Giulia and Giacomo have a beautiful little baby like me, or because they took in the right mood this day, the group of friends, the magic location …
It could be because it was actually a great wedding, marking a point this summer 2017, where I felt free.
After so many weddings, I am still excited. I love it more and more and every time it’s different, like my spouses.
Every time I start from scratch, I look at them as old friends, so I can take more intimate pictures.
Close to them.
Here is the marriage of Giulia and Giacomo, they married in Biella at Castello di Montecavallo.
An incredibly fascinating place, enriched by the floral design of White Pepper Studio. Cristina, Lena, Camilla, Cristian and all the team.
White Pepper’s you have created the magic, thank you!
The story, as always, in photos:

#castellomontecavallo #biella #weddingphotographer #romanticwedding #love #photograph #photoshoot #photos #photographer #photography #photo #weddingday #weddings #wedding #photodaily #photoofday #photograpy #photolove #weddingphoto #weddingreportage #weddingitaly #weddingitalianphotographer
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Matrimonio al Castello di Montecavallo
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I have to tell the truth, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Rachell and Chris before the wedding, it often happens, the distance plays against me and this English couple have been presented to me the same day of wedding by Gemma (My Lake Como Wedding), the warm wedding planner who organized this event.
Yes, warm, but I’ll tell you later.
I said I didn’t really know Rachel and Chris so I can’t tell a lot about them.
I have been shiny entering in their day, as always, watching them before photographing them.
I saw Chris, passionate and smiling, happy to be surrounded by his friends, cheerful but caring for him. He seemed very quiet, but he often looked for his witness eyes.
Rachel, shine, in the Grand Hotel Tremezzo suite, was quiet.
The bridesmaids were getting ready, moving from one room to the next, hairdryers singing, hair straightener, shoes around and prosecco.
The lake, from the window, watched this party, still.
Rachel was almost cradled by events.
So I followed them in this day, with discretion, from the right distance. Even for them I was a stranger in fact and did’n want to be too intrusive.
The distance has shortened and at the end of the evening, Rachell hugged  me warmly telling me that she was sure I did beautiful photos.
That’s my goal, to empathise with people approaching them in the right way, so that they will turn to me for what they really are.
Well late night, at two o’clock, it rained like there is no tomorrow!
Gemma accompanied us to the taxi with her umbrella under a torrential storm.
This is a touch I have seen rarely and denotes a rare and beautiful personality.
Thank you Gemma.
Here are some moments of Rachel and Chris’s marriage:

#lagodicomo #lenno #villamonasteropax #weddingphotographer #romanticwedding #love #photograph #photoshoot #photos #photographer #photography #photo #weddingday #weddings #wedding #photodaily #photoofday #photograpy #photolove #weddingphoto #weddingreportage #weddingitaly #weddingitalianphotographer @matteocuzzolaphotography
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Rachaell & Chris Wedding in Lake Como Villa Monastero
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Portofino Belmond Hotel Splendido Wedding
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