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Matt Wolfe

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2016 is coming to an end and it’s been a great year for the podcast. Although the show has been on a bit of a hiatus, it’s going to be returning in 2017! In the 2nd half of the year I moved to a new house, moved to a new office, and started focusing on …
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Matt Wolfe

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Expose marketing sales pages...
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Matt Wolfe

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A step-by-step guide to creating value and driving traffic through Content Curation.
A step-by-step guide to curating content to drive as many people to your site as possible.
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Matt Wolfe

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Matt Wolfe Content Marketing Hacks For Sales & Authority Today's topic is pretty controversial because it's a term thrown around a lot without much thought put into it: Content Marketing. Are you looking for that edge online to get your client's attention? Build a content marketing business machine that demonstrates your authority AND sales! Are you not a good writer? Do you think you don't know where to start with content? Or maybe you've tried ...
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Matt Wolfe

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So much good stuff on this one. This is actually a step-by-step process that anyone can follow!

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:
How “being stupid” led Aaron into starting his online business
The number one reason people buy from you
Aaron’s 3 step framework for getting your business of the ground
Why you NEED to go on an information diet
The two things you need to create a USP for your product or service
What a “signature system” is and why you need it
How Aaron got thousands of leads for a $1 each
The easiest way to create a lead magnet that converts
The triage call process Aaron uses to land clients
The two things your business model MUST have in it
The marketing tools Aaron recommends for your business
The 3 things Aaron looks at when choosing a niche
Plus so much more
Professional internet marketer, public speaker, and author Aaron Fletcher has spent nearly 20 years fine-tuning his online marketing skills and techniques to deliver quality, actionable advice to his clients. Aaron realized the need for businesses to develop and nurture their online brand through blogging, content generating, search engine marketing, and social media development long before …
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Matt Wolfe

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Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed in this 1st part…
How bartending led James to creating his first product.
The real difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner.
Why YouTube marketing is actually much better than Facebook marketing.
The free tool within YouTube that is loaded with keywords people are searching for in any niche.
The three reasons your YouTube channel isn’t getting traction.
The ONLY success metric on YouTube you should care about.
The secret YouTube filter search James uses to find the best channels and videos in his niche to know EXACTLY what videos to create.
The main goal you should have for every video.
60% of YouTube views come from search and why that is important.
The biggest mistake people make when it comes to competition and what James recommends instead.
Why now is the best time for being successful online and doing it in a short amount of time.
The most important factors for getting your YouTube videos ranked.
“The Gut Check” technique James uses to determine whether or not to create a video.
Why success is inevitable when you’re consistent.
The fallacy that video takes to long.
Why the quality of the keyword matters even if it is a keyword that is searched less.
The #1 reason why the most popular videos have so many views.
James answers the question “Should you put your videos on both Facebook and YouTube?”
Why your YouTube channel should model other successful channels.
The staggering percentage of YouTube views that turn into website traffic (this is powerful!)
The tool James says is a requirement if you want to use Google Adwords.
The 6 ranking factors James uses to rank his videos and the two most important ranking factors noone is paying attention to.
How to use YouTube’s analytics to make better videos and increase engagement.
The real secret to being successful with content, social media, and everything else.
Why the things you post on Facebook, instagram and more is not as powerful as marketing on YouTube.
How to quickly ramp up your authority and views on YouTube.
How much video is actually being consumed on Facebook.
The new video custom audience feature in Facebook to use in your marketing.
How James is using YouTube to grow his podcast.
How to use YouTube to drive traffic back to your website.
How to use annotations to get people on your email list with a free download.
The two primary goals you should have with every video you create.
What to do if you’re spending more than 10 minutes to edit your videos.
Why the message is more important than perfection and what to do if you know your video quality won’t be perfect.
Armed with a degree from one of the TOP 10 Film Schools in the Country, James Wedmore set out to utilize the power of Video and Visual Storytelling to revolutionize how we interact on the Internet. After several successful ventures, including an Online Bartending School, James founded Video Traffic Academy: an online YouTube Marketing Training …
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What a fantastic interview +Matt Wolfe   I actually took notes from James.  
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Matt Wolfe

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Learn about the latest trends of affiliate marketing in 2017 from the pros of the affiliate marketing industry in our roundup
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Matt Wolfe

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This will be your new favorite resource on how to drive traffic to your content...
The biggest names in the Content Marketing world weigh in on their best strategies to drive traffic to the content that you create.
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Matt Wolfe

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So many knowledge bombs dropped in this one. This may be your new "go to resource" for content marketing strategy!
Software entrepreneur Paul Clifford has over 25 years of experience building, growing, and maintaining desktop and mobile software apps for marketing firms around the world. Before starting his highly successful online marketing software company, KudaniCloud, he worked as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Customer Officer with several large companies. He fondly remembers the first …
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Matt Wolfe

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I've personally taken more from this episode than any other episode I've done so far...

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

How Gonzalo was able to land his very first consultant client for 150k
How to become a leader even if you’re not an expert yet
What you need to do if your not making money yet
How to validate your idea will make money
How to find the mission critical processes in your business
The things you should outsource in your business first
How to find people that do what your weaknesses are
How to analyze your weakness and find people that are good at those things
What role you should outsource first
They type of qualities that you look for in an outsourced employee
Where to find quality outsourcers
The exact places Gonzalo goes to find VA’s
How much you should pay outsourcers
Gonzalo’s hiring funnel
How to know if an outsourcer possesses the skills you need
Plus so much more!
Gonzalo Paternoster is the “Man of Systems.” He has helpedthousands of business owners and entrepreneurs create and implementsystems and processes in their businesses that have transformed theway they work, saving them time and money. Gonzalo began his career much like many of his clients: anindividual business owner struggling to “do it all” on their own.Although …
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Matt Wolfe

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+Tom Morkes Had some killer ideas for getting a book to best-seller status!

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:
The quarter of million dollar business model of “giving stuff away”
The five pillars of authority
All the outlets Tom Reaches out to when promoting a book launch
How Tom has been able to raise his rates 3 to 5 times what he used to charge
The truth about making money from books and what you might not expect
The few questions Tom asks a potential client before EVER committing any time to them.
The Strategy Tom uses behind his book launches
The two types of audiences you can leverage for a powerful book launch and the one you can use even if you’re starting from scratch!
How Tom Segments different audiences for even more traction on book launches
The one thing most authors turn down although it’s one of the BESTstrategies for a successful book launch
How a successful book launch is similar to growing a blog, podcast, or any other online platform
The right way to approach outlets when you are trying to get them to promote your book a launch
An underutilized place for authors to get their name and information about their books out
A unique pricing model that works well for some markets and products
Why a fixed pricing model can actually limit the amount of money you make
The type of customers that get better results and remain a customer longer
The Guinness Book World Record Summit Tom is running
Plus so much more!
CEO of Insurgent Publishing, Tom Morkes has lived a fascinating life. His story of how he became a highly successful entrepreneur turned CEO of a major publishing company begins long before he decided to use his writing and publishing skills for the betterment of the publishing world. Tom was a United States Army officer and …
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Matt Wolfe

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+Loz James had me on his podcast and it was a blast.

I broke down how to build a "Content Business Machine" pretty much step-by-step.

CC 052: How To Create A Content Business Machine With Matt Wolfe
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thank you for sharing Matt
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