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Matt Wakeford

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Destruction of a Lego star destroyer at 1000 fps
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Matt Wakeford

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Researchers have gone full-on tricorder with smartphone apps.
This is an amazing breakthrough for areas that lack access to reliable medical technology. Now, doctors can carry part of their lab in their pocket.
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How true.
Evolution of the mobile phone

h/t @itredux
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big to small back to big, next will be back to small...
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Aesthetically pleasing cable management 
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Matt Wakeford

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Clicked this expecting an innocent Disney cover...

Boy was I wrong.
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Matt Wakeford

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...Wait for it...
Zoo Keeper Being Chased by a Parkouring Leopard!
#perkour   #caturday   #bigcats   #chase   #zoo  
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Erm... 0.o
I hope the man escaped safely! The leopard (or was that a cheetah?) ran across the wall like an Alien!
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Matt Wakeford

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This makes me happy.
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII Announced!
As the entire population of the world obsesses over the birth of a baby in London, 3 million light years away in a substantial space vessel belonging to the Jupiter Mining Corporation, 4 hopeless smegheads prepare for more adventures.
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII
Recording starts late October 2015.
12 new episodes.
Broadcast on Dave in the UK, and no doubt on many other channels globally.
Shed loads of Smeg Ups
Original cast (they couldn't get anyone decent to do it)
Original writer (Doug-Chief of Comedy Police-Naylor)
About 18 kilos of rubber, 12 H's, a lot of hair extensions, sequins, Vindaloo and a new smeg hammer.
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Matt Wakeford

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This is the family reunion you're looking for. Skywalker reunion at Star Wars Celebration: #SWCA
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It's not a reunion without David Prowse.
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My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapour of invention.
COMPUTER GEEK at heart. I am a technology enthusiast and early adopter, have a dark sense of humor in light interests. Avid techno and trance fan from a previous lifetime of raving. A LOYAL FRIEND, with OCD at the worst of times, opinionated but open-minded loving TECHNOPHILE at the best of times.
Here you will find my thoughts, opinions, and random things I find interesting on the web. I share and post topics including Technology, Social Media, Science& Photography, Occasional pictures of cakes when I’m hungry.


I have previously worked in the public and private sector providing technical support and migration services for large enterprises such as IBM, Sony, Bank of America, and American Express.


I have since moved to providing smaller businesses and individuals with technical support with a varying array of managed service offerings through my own company in the UK and love it!

 I also write a blog with a few friends and my partner for fun if you want the URL just ask , it’s mainly to stay in touch with each other’s interests without babbling and a chance for me to practice and improve my writing skills and to  bring me back from being/becoming a maniacal sociopath.

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