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Matt Wakeford
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Matt Wakeford

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Neuroscientists Disprove Idea About Brain Eye Coordination

Full article at

By predicting our eye movements, our brain creates a stable world for us. Researchers used to think that those predictions had so much influence that they could cause us to make errors in estimating the position of objects. Neuroscientists at Radboud University have shown this to be incorrect. The Journal of Neuroscience published their findings – which challenge fundamental knowledge regarding coordination between brain and eyes – on 15 April.

The research is in Journal of Neuroscience. (full access paywall)

Research: “No peri-saccadic mislocalization with abruptly cancelled saccades” by Jeroen Atsma, Femke Maij, Brian D. Corneil, and W. Pieter Medendorp in Journal of Neuroscience. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4773-13.2014

Image: You continually move your eyes all day long, yet your perception of the world remains stable. That is because the brain processes predictions about your eye movements while you look around. Without these predictions, the image would shoot back and forth constantly. The image is adapted from the Radboud University video. Credit Radboud University.

#neuroscience   #visualprocessing  
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Matt Wakeford

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Are you interested in +Star Wars? +Robert Partridge shared this picture first. The Falcon is shown, leaving planet in the background. Use it as desktop or Google+ background for example. I did already.
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Cool pic. However, isn't it arriving at the planet in the background? That's the tail end we see facing us. #imanerd
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Matt Wakeford

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by Jen Jen Rose
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Registered Windows Phone developers can now start downloading the update on their devices, but if you’re not a developer there’s still an easy way to get Windows Phone 8.1 before your carrier is ready to start distributing it.
After 18 months since the last major Windows Phone update, Microsoft is finally releasing Windows Phone 8.1 to developers today. The software maker detailed the update at its Build conference less...
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Matt Wakeford

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It's whatever you make of it, a simile if you will. Some of you will get it, others may not.
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Matt Wakeford

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Nom Nom Nom
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Matt Wakeford

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Brings back great memories seeing this.

Anyone else hear the theme start kicking in when you see it?
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Matt Wakeford

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Tutorial Photographing the Night Sky
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Matt Wakeford

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I love reading the comments on peoples opinions on tipping.

Some people seem to think one rule must be applied everywhere, others don't have a tipping culture it seems, what's your preference?

I'd love to see some of my followers opinions on this matter.

I personally only tip if it's been an amazing experience/service I feel they deserves the extra. I never tip at a corporate chain unless the service has really stood out.
Tipping is a confusing practice, usually because you're never quite sure who you're supposed to tip, when, and how much. This infographic from Wait But Why shows what most people do, and what's expected at different establishments.
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Matt Wakeford

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The Benefits of Being Humble
You've heard it all your life: Being humble, kind, and calm is the "right thing to do." But if that isn't enough to convince you, consider this: humility, kindness, and calmness can actually help you get ahead in life.
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Being kind and humble are the things you cannot see but feel and you cannot go wrong!!
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In his spare time, Matt enjoys photographing concrete walls, rust stains, and his two cats.
COMPUTER GEEK at heart. I am a technology enthusiast and early adopter, have a dark sense of humor in light interests. Avid techno and trance fan from a previous lifetime of raving. A LOYAL FRIEND, with OCD at the worst of times, opinionated but open-minded loving TECHNOPHILE at the best of times.
Here you will find my thoughts, opinions, and random things I find interesting on the web. I share and post topics including Technology, Social Media, Science& Photography, Occasional pictures of cakes when I’m hungry.


I have previously worked in the public and private sector providing technical support and migration services for large enterprises such as IBM, Sony, Bank of America, and American Express.


I have since moved to providing smaller businesses and individuals with technical support with a varying array of managed service offerings through my own company in the UK and love it!

 I also write a blog with a few friends and my partner for fun if you want the URL just ask , it’s mainly to stay in touch with each other’s interests without babbling and a chance for me to practice and improve my writing skills and to  bring me back from being/becoming a maniacal sociopath.

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Farnham, Surrey
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