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Google+ is just over 9 weeks old so… here's a list of newly-launched features, and a random video of a 9 week-old bunny :-) As always, click "Send feedback" to tell us how we can improve!

- You can now organize your instant upload photos into new or existing albums (

- You can now +1 pages from your Android or iOS mobile web browser (

- Chrome users can now translate posts and comments written in other languages with the Google Translate extension (

- Chrome users can now +1 pages across the web with the +1 button extension (

This past week, team members also had the chance to "hangout in real life" with the Google+ community:

- Coast-to-coast photo walks in Venice Beach, UC Berkeley, Burning Man, and New York City (

- Meet and greet with the Mobile team at UC Berkeley (

p.s. Yes, I could have gone with 9 week-old puppies or kittens. But I'm a bunny guy:
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I, for one, welcome our last emperor in the world of social networks, Google+!
hey matt, thanks for all these information and for the smile the bunny video put on my face ;)
would still like ability to respond directly to a user in comments, plus have the ability to insert, videos an pics in comments
+Matt Waddell, when in the Android App reading comments, would like to be able to "+name" 1) anyone in the current comments and 2) anyone in my circles
And I am thinking that the circles should mean more in that sense that after being re-ordered, "closer" people should get more attention. Moreover, I don't want to click twice each time I hide a post as I like my stream "clean" as possible and that means I have to click twice per each and every post (well almost, aside the ones I + or re-share or comment) - what about keeping a right-hand side button showing per post that if you hover on top of it just does this magic of removing the post from the stream?

I would visually represent the circles in a visual way so that I would be able to see the overlay between circles and the numbers of + or comments etc, I gave per circle (per people) so that it would be more clean who to re-index or re-order. And last but not least from today, would love to be able to remove bulk posts as from Google Check-ins for example.
I would have picked a different soundtrack with nature sounds and chirping birds.
+Lynn Latta: funny, the first musical note in the bunny video reminded me of thrash guitar. Birds chirping would have been nice too. Either way he's cute ;-)
Thank you guys/girls for doing what you do & how open you are doing it.
+Matt Waddell You employees from Google write news to G+ where I am highly interessted. And +Vic Gundotra , +Natalie Villalobos and others they post also many stuff I am not interessting in. But I want to know what you all write to Google+ topics. What shall I do? Should I defollow me to have a stream without this "noise", or let it as it be and ignore this postings from the makers of G+ and maybe missing some main informations?

A perfect solution would the suggestion from Rob Morris of "Public circles" which we can follow without receiving the other public stuff we wantn't to have in our streams. (!topic/google-plus-discuss/miOK0ykQIbQ/discussion)
Nice to have option to organize photos from instant uploads... Nice bunnies too!
Will it be possible to edit posts in iOS or play videos we upload on iOS?
Appreciate the steady progress. Any word on an iPad app? It's still terribly frustrating to use G+ on an iPad with Safari. 
In the Android app, I'd like to be able to +1 comments, and view how many +1's a comment has received...just like on the web version.
your cat and bunny get along well? I have a cat, thinking about getting a bunny.

keep up the good work:) any plan to make it easier to find people of similar interests? public cirlces /groups?
Awesome. One more thing though: I'd like to be able edit/delete my circles in the mobile app too. At the very least, let us rename our hastily titled circles. My OCD goes into overdrive if I misspell a circle name and can't fix it until I get home.
Alice C
bunny guy ftw, what neat markings!
Is it true that I lose the rights to any pictures that I post?
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