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Here's the rundown of today's 24 new features! #seasonforshipping #googleplusupdate

Both mobile apps:
1. profile editing
2. easier way to author content
3. subtle notice when there's new stuff to read
4. subscribe to notifications from circles
5. support for communities

6. full-size backups of your photos
7. photo spheres in the stream
8. share your mood with others
9. animated GIF support
10. birthday reminders in Google Now
11. lock screen widget

12. swipe through photo albums inline
13. tap once to view photos in the lightbox
14. subtle pan-zoom-scale effect applied to stream photos
15. longer post snippets
16. bigger post photos
17. comments that slide in underneath each post

18. send messages to specific guests
19. see who's opened your invitation
20. invite people by pasting event URL in email/IM
21. RSVP with the number of guests you're bringing
22. duplicate an event

23. ultra low bandwidth mode
24. improved single-person broadcasts
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last check 30 min ago didn't see.... just reloaded and BAM... ok I am going to play now...
Hope you guys are working on photos next cause all my pics are in G+ and managing them could be a lot easier. Keep up the good work guys.
+Vic Gundotra Ah, I missed that it was an IOS release as well.  My bad there,  Thanks for the nudge.  Can we fix the communities bit now?  :)
re #4 (subscribe to notifications from circles), how do you subscribe to posts from people in a particular circle?  My family's biggest complaint is that they don't know about new posts to Family unless the poster explicitly mentions them or sends them email.
#25 - MMS in Google Voice? :)
+Abdullah Suleiman: yup, we're rolling out moods across mobile & desktop. They'll soon appear the same everywhere. +Carter Maslan: on Android, just tap the menu icon at the top right of the stream -- you'll see "Subscriptions." On iOS it's located in settings.
+Matt Waddell and +Vic Gundotra - My apologies.  I commented before really reading the posting, and ended up hijacking the thread.  You guys are doing great work, sorry to imply otherwise.   I've deleted me previous comment. 
Full size image backup! You guys listened, thank you.  

And gifs!
You might want to leave standard size photo for instant upload on by default. I had to go change it from full size.
Those colored buttons are a step back, ui-wise
Very pleased to see the brand new Communities feature be integrated so quiclky into mobile. The lockscreen widget is also an added bonus. In the future I would love to be able to set my widgets to display Community content. 
+Matt Waddell very generous to offer this to everyone and happiness for some is a choice LOL Happy Holidays to you today also :)
Is there a way to re share post to Community? 
+Matt Waddell I miss the opportunity to create subcategories on Google+ pages and for the Google+ "communities". It would increase the clarity of that pages.
Love the Gif support!!
Have to light up the tablet and get it there. Low bandwidth sounds good for streaming stuff to friends.
+Matt Waddell Please add an option to disable gestures on posts or simply "turn off" pinch. Pinch is not a natural action to open something and it interferes with four-finger pinch gesture that closes the app on iPad. You come back later and find yourself having to close a post that wasn't opened when you were leaving. It‘s annoying.
+Matt Waddell I don't understand the Full Size upload part. It isn't allowing me to enable that option because I don't seem to have enough space. However the announcement says up to 5GB free (and I do have 5GB on my Picasa web account). How do I enable full size photo uploads?
Looks good on Android. In fact looks fabulous on a nexus 7. Thank you Google and well done.
+Matt Waddell Another question: there used to be a butten you could share a comment with ... is it gone, lost, or just somehow hidden, so that you have to activate it again?
+Ashwith Rego: here's more info on full-size photo backup: Everyone now has two options: 1) up to 5GB of free Drive storage at full size; 2) unlimited free storage at standard size (2048px)
+Matt Waddell  Thanks for your reply! Something weird happened. I had this on my settings before:

Right after I took that screenshot, the app uploaded it to my Picasa account and enabled the full size photos. Is it by design that the option is allowed only after I upload a picture on the new app?

Lastly, this is a brilliant update! I was waiting for the full size upload feature quite a while. Thank you!
Not a huge fan of the bottom buttons. And the app seems like little glitchy, stalling in placed it shouldn't. After a couple updates I'm sure it will be better. We can hold out for that though. 
Very excited for the full screen Hangouts On Air update. My lives shows are going to be so much better now.
The new google+ is great! Now let's see if the next google+ redesign will come before my nexus 4 ordered a week ago!
+Vic Gundotra , can you add the MESSENGER for all iPad?

My parents who have the ipad now needs to use that feature but its NOT AVAILABLE.

Thanks for listening to us...

God bless you...
Post Details View on Android Tablet still looks awful with Photos, this bottom-center comment bar especially.
Any chance of the Android apps inbox widget returning? I found it really useful for quickly scanning the stream.
My Google+ app crashes when I try to activate 'instant upload'.
Too bad.... (maybe it is the problem with the ROM I'm using)
I want to be able to create a community from my android phone! Great updates though! :)
When is the windows phone app coming? grrrrrrr.
Don't get all patriotic about your favorite brand on me. I don't pledge allegiance to corporations. If google wants to keep tabs on my friends/likes/interests etc., they'll have to be platform agnostic like I am.
Great improvements - but animated Gifs???? Not really necessary...
+Matt Waddell . Can you spill any beans on the integration of Google + messenger and gtalk? 
Woo i update my google + ,30 minit ago and i see this better than ago
Awesome! let's focus on some updates for the pages too :)
Wow!  I might actually use this update.  I still have the version with the smaller photos on the stream to save bandwidth.
Prefer the old feel and look of Google+
The iOS update is a #fail so far. I'm on an iPhone 4 with updated iOS 6 and the new G+ app is very slow & buggy so far. Takes forever to load, then won't scroll smoothly at all. Yes, I'm typing this on my iPhone, but it took awhile!
Am I missing something, or is the ability to attach a link to a post now gone? I can share a link from elsewhere and have it attached, but I can't add a link "manually".

It took far too long to get that added, it would be incredibly frustrating if the feature was now crippled. 
Why can I still not post a comment on a friends timeline? This would increase the number of users whom haven't come back to the stream in months. 
Wish we could see better res images and save them on mobile devices. But great update regardless.
I'm not finding a lock screen widget 
I do not like the new UI. I want the old UI back. This one is drab looking.
Landscape mode taken out of iOS. Is that a "feature" too?
+Matt Waddell its awesome. Any news on when g+ will get APIs? Would be great if we can share stuff from 3rd party apps. 
Fantastic job guys. I like already 30 seconds in
Gilz T
Good work... 
Love the update -- except for the icon...I think it looked more modern the other way.
Looks like an excellent update. A lot of things I would like to see done better in Facebook's apps are done with near perfection here. Huge props to the G+ team.
Has it stopped sucking down so much battery? I reverted back to the initial install on my Nexus because of that.
+Matt Waddell Very Awesome update guys!  In the next release will we see a little more integration with SnapSeed?
"10. birthday reminders in Google Now"

my extended family will be very happy.
+Paul Hemmings: glad to hear it! My brother's birthday is today, so the feature has already proven itself immensely useful :-)
Thanks for providing such a great iOS app, as well as for having making such a great service available, period. I appreciate what you do, Google!
say happy birthday to your brother Matt
1. useful 2. if you say so 3. meh 4. meh 5. ok 6. useful 7. meh 8. pointless and juvenile 9. oh god, please make it stop! 10. useless, I have a calendar for that 11. meh 18. meh 19. uh, you're going to let me disable this blatant violation of my privacy, right? 21. ok 22. seems useful for recurring things 23. useful 24. useful

So, on average, meh, but with a couple horrific things, and still no way to easily deal with G+ pages yet.
The #25 feature may be "bigger post photos in the iOS app."!
+Vic Gundotra and +Matt Waddell
U must do something about this new trend to make everything so big!
I know u want to force ppl to have your app activated as long as possible, but in fact u loose in the long term when the customer don't get a good overview any more.

let ppl choose the main scroll view off the stream. And u will get a clear sense of what ppl in the world actually want. everything don't have to be XXXL

I'm sure u can get the complaints directly from the streams if u search. And all other bad things. Use all your data from our streams to get the feedback from your customers.
And I presume, like for GoogleMaps, the iOS version is better than the Android one.
All Android users should make like me and disable all crashes and statistic report from all their Google apps.
First, to protest Google doesn't take care their own customers first, and
Second, because it saves you precious bandwidth and money from our costly mobile phone, or internet data plans.
Problem Google?
Photo Sphere and animated GIF support are a topping on a Communities support cake. Nice!
Hey, Do you know if we'll be able to update pages in-app soon? Having to wait till I get to a pc before updating photos from an event is a little annoying..

Otherwise I love the app. 
Still no fix for the Instant Upload problem. Pictures still can't be deleted from the folder. This was apparently seen as a "popula request", too, about four months ago.
But otherwise, great update and app.
+Matt Waddell "Community Support" will we now be able to reshare a post to a community?

What about editing comments from mobile?

Any chance of being able to select the image from the target page like desktop when adding a link?

I can only see my last 50 previous events, how do I get the older events?
Great improvements - but
animated Gifs???? Not really

David B
Great update.
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