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Shipping is a feature

The team really wants to make Google+ better every time you visit, and this week we've been especially busy. Here's a list of some of the things we've launched since Monday:

- New game: Godfather (
- Import orkut photo albums into Google+ (
- Picasa 3.9 w/ Google+ sharing and tagging (
- Improved people suggestions (
- Gmail & Contacts get Plus'd (
- Find My Face (
- New version of Google+ on Android (
- New version of Google+ on iOS (
- Share photo album via link (

Happy Friday everyone, and keep the feedback coming!
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You guys should slow down, we can only learn so much in a week :-)
Still would love to have the WinMobile version ship...
Well, what has obviously come up this week +Matt Waddell is that not everyone wants the hot list: or certain posts on it. What would be great is to make a break down of the hot list, ie entertainment, music, news, tech, wildlife and environment, pets etc etc, so graphic posts like mine about the continued rhino poaching in SA don't appear to everyone. People know what I write about, the photos I have permission to post, and not everyone has the stomach for that.

In the top bar, I'd like a selection for NGOs to make them more easily accessible, and from that a menu based on country location and activity. Google+ could do more to promote the work of Non profits and NGOs through more visibility. I've tried bringing this up with other G+ staff and Google for non profits but never receive any response.

I've always maintained that real quality and unique content will be provided by NGOs but they have to have a reason to come onboard: promotion as above will be that spur for them. And you'll see more individual content, not cross the social network board PR propaganda.

People might not appreciate my abrupt way, as there seems to be a lot of back slapping here on G+, but my focus is highlighting the work of those making a difference in Africa and India. We set up a community task force to do that on a world wide basis, and G+ can really be a platform to promote change. But, I feel that once again, this type of post will be overlooked in the rush for quantity over quality, when the real importance should be a balance of both.

You asked for feedback, hope this wasn't a waste of time for me, and you'll read it and respond.

Take care, Matt
Oh, if we're building a wish list, I'd LOVE to get the What's Hot stream on the android app.
Love all the work you all are doing. Keep shipping.
Feature request | Color code RED our profile vs. defaults GREEN and put it at the top of the circle so we can see more quickly if we are in another Plusser's Circle
When will you be making a Google+ Windows Phone App? That's what I'm waiting for.
Seems it should have rolled out within the same time frame as the other two devices.
Thank you for the recent updates though!
What happened to the instant upload feature? It is broke for my Razr and I have already cleared the app data. :(
Speaking of picasa......I wish I knew how to configure my profile so that clicking on the "photos" link would take me directly to, the way it used to. I find the current Google+ interface for "photos" to be an absolute pain in the butt to use.

As things are now, each time I click "photos" I then remember what a bletcherous thing it is, and immediately afterwards type in ""
love the new look. thanks for sharing
Thanks everyone for the feedback and feature requests! When in doubt, please go ahead and click "send feedback" at the bottom right of Google+. +Matthew Wilkinson: You may be interested in #CauseILoveEm, which encourages people to show their love for charities on Google+ ( I've also seen lots of great shared circles that include non-profits (like this one:
I've done already done the feedback-thing about wanting to go to (In fact, I've done so multiple times.) Sorry to bring it up here....I just thought this would be a good opportunity to make sure you were aware of my issue of concern.
Thanks +Matt Waddell, but a few shared circles and causes? IMO these aren't enough of a reason for NGOs with an established presence on Facebook, to move across. For big well funded orgs with slick PR depts yes, they have time and resources for G+, FB and Twitter, but for the smaller, more one man bands, they just can't do all three and thus stay with their established audience. Look I appreciate this is a general feedback thread so i won't tie it up, suffice to say I've been working in the Africa field and more recently with India, and have many ideas I'd like to put forward, if given the opportunity, but there is no way I have that toe hold: if you have time, perhaps we could discuss further in another topic, or set me up with someone at G+ to brainstorm?

Cheers, Matt
I must be brain dead. I can't figure out how to share on the new iPad app. Can anyone tell me how???
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