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Another demo app for Hangouts: Live Meme

v1.1 of the Hangouts API is now rolling out publicly (! Using the new features, folks like +Moritz Tolxdorff have already built great apps like +Hangout Lower Third. My hacky contribution is a demo app -- Live Meme -- that overlays meme-looking text on your live video. (see screenshot)

To install Live Meme, just start a hangout with this link: Enjoy!

Known issues: 1) text will appear backwards to you, but it'll look normal to everyone else; 2) your browser needs to play nice with HTML5 <canvas>.
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Oh man, I'd better work on my Neil deGrasse Tyson impression...
That's awesome! You need to add some popular meme faces to the app that you can put on top of faces. That'd be the feather in the cap =D
There are not enough +1's in the world for this
Some of y'all were unable to add a top line of text to your hangout. This bug should now be fixed -- thanks for the heads up, and for your patience!
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