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Team +Jemmac Software Ltd​ at the Milton Keynes Marathon.
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Photos from the +Jemmac Software Ltd activity day. Eight of us head out on a mammoth day trip to Paris taking in the Sacre Coeur, a walk down the Sienne, the Musee d'Orsay.. and some French food and drink of course.
Jemmac day out in Paris
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Lost Password Page

Just had an experience which shows that I think to much like a developer and not enough like a member of the public.

I'm maintaining a website which has a simple username + password login mechanism. From time to time users forget their passwords. There is a "reset my password" feature, this emails them a new password and encourages them to login and subsequently change their password through the user details page. The user details page is (I thought) pretty typical and simple..

Old Password : __
New Password : __
New Password (again) : __

What could go wrong? Apparently this page doesn't work. It always says that the password is wrong.

Turns out what I know as "Old" and "New" is wrong...

The users (understandably when you think about it), think their "Old" password is the one they've forgotten and the "New" password is the new one they've just been emailed

A problem that should be easy to solve just by changing the wording I hope..

#developer #website #coding

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Swam here earlier.. lovely stretch of the River Nene at Wadenhoe, which has to be one of the prettiest villages in Britain. Swam for 2hrs, headed out against the current then zoomed back with it.  #swimming   #openwaterswimming  

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#Swimming down at Brogborough lake, training for HenleySwim Bridge-to-Bridge. 14km from Henley to Marlow on August 10th for FRANK Water charity. There's still time to sponsor me at :-) #openwaterswimming   #bridgetobridge  
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Picking up the weekly swim distances now, a 5km pool swim last night (boring) and 3km in the lake this morning. A long way off 14km, but the #BridgeToBridge  is split into sections. I'm trying to organise a swim in the nearby Nene or Ouse to get some river swimming experience before the event.

We're lucky enough in the UK to not have to think about the quality of the water we drink, and our rivers are clean enough to swim in. Please help Frank Water bring clean water to parts of the world that aren't so fortunate by sponsoring me.



#swimming #openwater  #openwaterswimming

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Oh my god.. It's all true. Lets hope the public don't get wind of it. #programming   #coding  

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I'm aiming to #swim the HenleySwim 14km Henley to Marlow #Bridge-to-Bridge marathon swim - around 4 Ironman distance swims back to back, in doing so I hope to raise awareness and funds for the FRANK Water #charity.

FRANK Water aims to provide isolated communities with access to clean water and help to alleviate the suffering caused by dirty water, something all swimmers can relate to..

I've been putting together a simple web UI for controlling the #RPi #WS2801 mood lights. For now its a simple set of pre-set non-animating options (and the all important "off" switch) that Laura can operate from her phone or tablet. Python with has made that pretty easy. I've got some hardware improvements to do as well, firstly get a box that fits the Pi with its add-in WS2801 bridge card and also split the strip into more modular sections.
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