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The problem is it's not funny. And they've elected two governors who refuse to do anything about it. Jeb Bush and Rick Scott.
certain people in this political environment must like it that way, and it will continue to be a way to shape the outcome....remember al gore?
This is a problem of turnout and budgets.

I work for the Supervisor of Elections in Broward County. We have a couple of local races that are still too close to call. They have less than 30 votes between two of the candidates.

At first blush it would seem easy, just take the numbers off of the machine and tally them up. The problem is the number of absentee ballots and provisional ballots. If a race has a margin of 50,000 votes between two candidates and you have 30,000 manual ballots to count (absentee and provisional) then you can declare a winner and continue to count until you certify the election. But if the difference is 10,000 votes then you can't declare until you get through all of those 30,000 manual ballots. Then you have to also checked problem ballots.

Problem ballots are those that someone did not cast any votes on that the machine could read OR and I saw far too many of these, people voting for more than one candidate. In one hour I counted 5 people who voted for EVERY presidential candidate on the ballot. They just bubbled in every one down the line.

This year in particular with early voting being cut from 14 days (like it was in 2008) to only 8 days and only allowed to have one Sunday in that mix it created huge lines.

I have seen estimates of over 75% participation this election.

This can be fixed semi easy. Buy better new machines to prevent breakdowns and increase the early voting back to where it was.

The other problem of Voter education I am not sure you can fix.
Floria has had more than enough time and money to FIX anything. the problem goes much deeper than the problems you have indicated above. it seems that powers unknown to those evolved within the system are manipulation the the process it self. of course this is only my feelings about the problem i have nothing to base this on.
+Robert Anstett You have to wonder what the point of decreasing early voting was... Between that, the voter purges (which lead to many of the provisional ballots in the first place), and the old voting machines (which were a problem 12 years ago), it seems like there's either a political reason to make it harder for people to vote in FL, or Rick Scott and Jeb Bush just don't care. 
I do agree with +Colleen McGinley and +Zach Stein that this is a problem of governance here in Florida. Here more than most places in the US the population is very representative of how the overall US population is heading. We have several very conservative monochromatic sections of the state. Some of those are very white, some are very hispanic, some are very african-american. Here in Florida none of those areas are monolithic voting blocks however. The breakdown is more geographic with a very conservative northern section of the state, the mix along the I4 corridor and the more liberal south.

One of the key problems of governance in my opinion? Our Gov put money into fighting Constitutional Amendments requiring redistricting rather than put money into actually doing what the law says.
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