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Lest we forget.

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Context for those who haven't heard: Sean Spicer disappeared into the bushes for the last time today.

Also, the suggestion of this tweet needs to happen.

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And so ends the Spicer show.

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>President Trump yesterday issued a stunning vote of no-confidence in basically everyone currently in a leadership position in the Justice Department, the FBI, or the special counsel’s office—in other words, not just some federal law enforcement, but all of it. The President’s rebuke comes in a lengthy interview with the New York Times yesterday, and it reaches everyone from the attorney general to staff attorneys hired by Robert Mueller—whose investigation he pointedly did not promise not to terminate. His complaint? They’re all, in different ways, not serving him. And serving him, he makes clear, is their real job.

It’s a chilling interview—chilling because of the portrait it paints of presidential paranoia, chilling for its monomaniacal view of the relationship between the president and law enforcement, and chilling for what it says about Trump’s potential readiness to interfere with the Mueller investigation.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not resign this morning, it will reflect nothing more or less than a lack of self respect on his part—a willingness to hold office even with the overt disdain of the President of the United States, at whose pleasure he serves, nakedly on the record.

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>Last year, for a feature on “face computers” in the enterprise, I spoke to folks at GE and Boeing who were both using Glass in a business setting. Boeing was using it to help employees build complex wired harnesses. With Glass, they could scan part numbers as they pulled the wires from supplies, and see next steps. What’s more, they could use voice commands to conduct searches. This approach was much more efficient than using a laptop or tablet because technicians could keep their hands free to do the work, while information could be broadcast in front of their faces.

// Yeah, such a "nightmare"

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>Glass’ introduction to the work space is the first step into a world far scarier than the one portrayed by the automation of jobs. It’s the world of automation of productivity, in which algorithms determine that we can type quicker, walk faster, lift more, and think less.

// Good thing, Glass is in the news again. Bad thing, luddite morons generating clickbait articles raising tech panic.

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One man's story of a surviving encounter with Denny's. If only they could bottle this courage.

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Dat Taco
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