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commented on a video on YouTube.
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I like wikipedia's take on it: "A number of sources have cited the film's similarities to a popular urban legend. The basic premise of a Christian student debating an atheist professor and winning in front of the class has been the subject of at least two popular legends and a popular Chick tract."

The whole premise for this is absurd in the extreme. Atheist != disgruntled theist. Some former theist proclaiming that "God is dead" after getting butthurt from a failed prayer. Atheism is NOT the position that "God is dead"

Yes, god isn't dead because god was never alive. Life implies existence, and there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any sort of god, let alone the christian version.

The theists will continue to prop up their strawman, and congratulate themselves when they tear it down. These film makers will laugh all the way to the bank. 

I liked Hercules better when he was a polytheist 0_o
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My favourite part of Hercules was when he became a full god, and he still just ran from place to place helping people. My friends and I were like "Just use your fucking powers to remotely rescue people."
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Matt Uebel

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Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Strong Dark Ale at 8.5% ABV

Pours a hazy brown with - seriously - the most ridiculous head ever. The bottle hadn't been agitated and I removed the cap gently, and it still foamed out, and kept foaming out for at least 30 seconds. Time enough for me to first try to sip off the overflow, then bring it to the sink, then get a glass under it in a desperate attempt to capture some of what was spewing away. Had to have lost at least 50ml - consider yourself warned! Be ready to dump this into a large chalice when you open it. Or maybe a bucket. Sigh. Where was I? Oh, yeah - persistent tan head and moderate lacing. Nose is dark fruits, toffee, Belgian yeast (faint cloves) and some alcohol heat. Taste is sweetly malty, with cherry or raisin, finishing with some lingering hops. Mouth feel is surprisingly light, making this quite drinkable. It is sweet, though, and I'm not sure I'd want more than one at a go. 8.5/10
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Matt Uebel

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I laugh at people who tie ladders together to get to an upper story. I laugh at people who believe that water somehow remembers the molecules of a fake medical substance and not any of feces. Those people, and their horoscope, psychic consulting cohort, are funny. The people in this video? I'm not laughing. I'm scared. 
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Matt Uebel

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Intense farming for two days trying to hack a capsule. No luck so far. Well... At least my inventory is full. The idea for the #ingresswear  shirt came to my mind when trying to find stuff to recycle.
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Ingress
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Interesting item dupe bug in Ingress and ESO the same week, and the similarity is uncanny.
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Matt Uebel

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wi-GO: Autonomous Shopping Cart Follows You
for folks with reduced mobility

I like this idea
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Tractor Beam!  In Reality!  Been a Concept for Enons!  What took so, long?  This is like: Putting the horse behind the Cart!  
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Matt Uebel

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This movie had such promise. Has anybody seen it?
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How could this film go wrong? Wally Pfister directs, (DP of Nolan's recent Batman and other films), Freeman+ Murphy (also of the Nolan Batman franchise), Depp, Bettany, and yet... Here is an excerpted review by Mizner/Guzman from WYNC's Movie Date podcast: Sigh, the reviews are mixed at best... PS The Movie Date podcast is really fun and recommended.
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Matt Uebel

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0_o. #derp  .

>Josh questions Radisson, asking why he hates God. After Radisson gives his response, confirming he hates God for his mother's death that left him alone despite his prayers, Josh asks Radisson how he can hate someone that doesn't exist.

>In the end, every member of Josh's class, including Martin, stand up and say "God's Not Dead", causing Radisson to leave the room in defeat.
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I really enjoyed it the scene where the Muslim father throws his daughter out of the house and then that big man fell back and on to the floor crying while his daughter was locked outside was a very powerful seen..I cried.
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Matt Uebel

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You win or you die.

#gameofthrones  playing cards @ Etsy
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neat :)
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Matt Uebel

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Just as god intended.
So God sacrificed himself to himself so we could bypass a rule that God made himself and that God deliberately designed us to never be able to meet?  

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Or generosity with others' money.
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Matt Uebel

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Went to Ground Zero for an afternoon Booster Draft and start to a Bachelor party. Absolutely GREAT atmosphere. Comic Shops have a tendency to look like a disaster area, but this shop was very well put together, and the bathroom didn't make me want to kill myself. The owner was awesome, very professional and friendly. Big Screen TV hooked up to an XBox was available for gaming, and was otherwise used to display the match pairing for the tournament. Best Comic Shop that I have been to.
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Had the Sheppard's Pie, very tasty. Service was ok. Menu was quite diverse. Overall very pleasant experience.
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Nice atmosphere, good food, great staff.
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