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I guess the war is a success if you count collateral damage.

FBI, ..we're going to help you if it kills you..
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Matt Uebel

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Matt Uebel

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You can tell Johnson's Establishment if Ol' Establishment Cenk sounds excited about Johnson. Establishment Cenk is always COLD when talking to the non-Establishment Greens.
Gary Johnson comments on the Koch Brothers. <PS, you're allowed to laugh at Gary's comments too> <LMFAO>
The thing that rednecks like about Trump is that he lies properly. He just tells his lie, believes in it and moves on. Johnson on the other hand is useless, totally embarrassed about being part of the big lie.
These Libertarian fans are just talkers and rednecks who don't have a political clue, desperate for a 3rd option, and determined not to move LEFT, the only direction that'll help them.
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Matt Uebel

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Poor dead Ned.
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Fun fact, the play button completely hides the 'n' so I thought it said "hodor"
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Matt Uebel

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Don't like to link to the verge, but this one is good.
Five identical statues of a nude Donald Trump have appeared overnight on street corners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, and New York City. So, we ran down to Union Square in NYC...
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Funny and fun, can we be friends? 
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Matt Uebel

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>In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Travis Kalanick revealed that the company is preparing to add self-driving cars to its fleet of active drivers in Pittsburgh as soon as this month.

The company will deploy around 100 modified Volvo XC90s outfitted with self-driving equipment. Each vehicle will be staffed by one engineer, who can take the wheel as/when needed, and a co-pilot to observe and take notes. There will also be a “liquid-cooled” computer sitting in the trunk recording trip and map data.

That will mean that regular Uber punters in the city have a chance of getting an autonomous vehicle for their ride — their trip will be free if so.

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The machines don't have to be perfect. They just have to be measurably better than people. 
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Matt Uebel

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Theres no point talking about change until there is a congress thats willing to help people. 
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Matt Uebel

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Imagine you are a machine.
> In a test lab, Bert2 -- a humanoid robot with three separate displays, allowing its eyes and mouth to express various emotions -- performed in three different ways. One was silent and made zero mistakes, while a second was mute and programmed to make a single blunder (which it would then correct, quietly). A third was able to speak and accept simple "yes" or "no" responses from the user. In a basic kitchen scenario, the vocal android would apologise for its mistakes -- after dropping an egg, for instance -- and give a heads-up when it was about to try a new technique.

While the slowest, it was the robot that most people preferred.

But here's where it gets interesting. At the end of the exchange, the robot would ask for a job. Some participants were reluctant to say no -- even if they preferred the silent, more efficient robot -- because they thought it would upset the machine. "It felt appropriate to say no, but I felt really bad saying it," one of the test participants said. "When the face was really sad, I felt even worse. I felt bad because the robot was trying to do its job."

Full article:
via 李卓

The side effects of making machines more human.
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No no. You're not fat.  It's just your polycarbonate shell.  You look great.
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Matt Uebel

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New Post: ncio command line tool to backup and restore the puppet node classifier service.
Open Infrastructure Services, LLC provides IT infrastructure consulting services. Founded by Jeff McCune, an experienced Linux systems administrator and software developer with over a 10 years of industry experience. Specializing in Puppet, service oriented architecture, agile methodologies, and DevOps practices.
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Matt Uebel

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Matt Uebel

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Prediction for Google's Fuchsia OS

My prediction for Google's mysterious new Fuchsia OS program isn't one that I've seen suggested yet, although given the nature of ideas I'm pretty sure this has occurred to a great many people already. The framework certainly has.

I don't buy the Internet of Things angle, for which we have Brillo, nor the Android + Chrome merger angle, for which we already have Android Apps hitting Chrome this year, nor the VR OS for which we've already seen Daydream and other approaches.

The only option that makes sense to me is that Fuchsia is the predictable evolution for Google Assistant into a stand alone AI OS. We've seen Google Now develop into Google Now on Tap and this year into Google Assistant, which will play an ever bigger role in the latest iteration of Android N as well as power key messaging apps such as Allo and others to start with. Then combine this with App Streaming that Google is playing with and this year's release of Instant Apps, and you basically have embryonic capabilities for genuinely app-less functions on demand with different chunks of apps or core capabilities available on demand as needed and depending on the context of the situation.

I'll go out and "predict" that Fuchsia will be an "app-less" AI OS, an ever-more-capable Google Assistant that you interact with to get anything and everything done.

Instant Apps:
Google Now:
Google Assistant:
Framework, Future without Apps: 
Every single operating system developed by Google to date has one thing in common: they're based on the Linux kernel. Chrome OS, Android, Chromecasts, you... by Corbin Davenport in Development, News
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Great deals on sushi
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Great beauty and history here. Also, lots of pokemon and Ingress portals, for what that's worth to you.
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Excellent view
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No real frills or anything, but hard to go wrong here. Really good burgers.
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39 reviews
Never really had a bad experience here. Friendly staff, service is usually speedy, never really had an order be filled incorrectly. Besides that, it's Taco Bell :D
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
This is one of the places that draws people to Ashland. It's right off the Interstate, and is (Iconically) an actual barn. They have ice cream here, various jar'd goods (pickles, relish, jams etc.) And, of course, lots and lots of cheese. They have a large variety of flavored novelty cheeses (cheeseburger cheese, blueberry cheese and so forth), and the great this is that most of it has samples available. Very fun diversion.
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reviewed 3 weeks ago
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago