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In the pre-Google days, people sometimes submitted their general knowledge questions to librarians.  Here's a collection of some of them.  They're about as weird as you'd expect them to be.
Thanks to technology, you never have to look this stupid in front of a librarian. We hope the answer is surprising, whatever it may be: "Query - 'How much did Napoleon's brain
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How is babby formed.  How girl get pragnent?
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Matt Uebel

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Jaime Culebras offers a spectacular photograph of a gravid female Reticulated Glass Frog. The belly is completely transparent, so all the internal organs are visible. The liver, heart and digestive organs are covered by a white lining.
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so this is probably not appropriate, but it made me think of summer rolls :C
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Matt Uebel

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So awesome
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Valyrian metals were firstforged in dragonfire. They may cool down, but they never lose the heat.
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Matt Uebel

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Great video. SNES ftw.
I like +Cinemassacre​ (AVGN) in general this video hit home with me. 
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As an prior Genesis kid, I concur.  I made the wrong choice.  Better games, more reliable, better controller, less garbage...
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Matt Uebel

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I'd looked into the number of American truck drivers some years ago (4M+) and wondered what the era of self-driving trucks was going to do to the country. But I hadn't seen the graph below.
Basically, the article argues that most all of small-town America will simultaneously die.
One very concrete thing pointed out is, the technology to convoy multiple vehicles on the freeway (where only the front one is human-driven) is reasonably well-developed today, and could make a huge change in truck delivery today.
The imminent need for basic income in recognition of our machine-driven future
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Matt Uebel

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Blue mushrooms

This is a bird's nest fungus - a kind of mushroom that looks like a bird's nest full of eggs.  More precisely, it's Cyathus novaezelandiae, photographed by +Steve Axford.

Why does it look like this?  It's a trick for spreading spores.  When rain hits the cup-shaped mushroom,  spores shoot out!

Like many fungi that grow on rotten logs, the bird's nest fungus has a complex life cycle.  There's the stage you see here, where it reproduces asexually via spores.  But there's also a sexual stage!

Spores germinate and grow into branching filaments called hyphae, pushing out like roots into the rotting wood.  As these filaments grow, they form a network called a mycelium.  These come in several different sexes, or mating compatibility groups.  When hyphae of different mating compatibility groups meet each other, they fuse and form a new mycelium that combines the genes of both.  After a while, these new mycelia may enter the stage where they grow into the mushrooms you see here.   Then they reproduce asexually using spores!

It's complicated, and I don't fully understand it.   You can read more here:

Nidulariacaeae is the family that contains this particular bird's-nest fungus, and many others. 

You can see more of Steve Axford's photos here:

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Great wall paper
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Matt Uebel

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The ACLU has created a smartphone app that allows you to record video and upload the recording straight to the ACLU with the press of a button.  This is a fantastic idea for citizen regulation of law enforcement; if you're recording a law enforcement encounter and have your phone (illegally) confiscated and erased, the video will still be safe and in the right hands.  Despite the near-universal affirmation (at least in the US) of citizens' rights to record police interactions, officers all too often assert that filming counts as "interference" in their duties, and do what they can to stop it.  This is a brilliant remedy.
The app allows users to record law enforcement, alert other users to nearby law enforcement encounters, and to submit videos and incidents to the ACLU.
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hmm... a lot of the reviews are saying that it doesn't store the video locally.
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Matt Uebel

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And don't feel guilty, at some point your parents will do this to you.
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Matt Uebel

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Only a pilot program, and only for self-advertising like HBO, but still, this is how it starts.
You want to blow it big time Netflix? This is how to do it.
The company is trying out both pre- and post- roll ads for users in select markets.
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Oh, does this mean I don't have to pay the monthly fee?
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Matt Uebel

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Biometrics are advancing so fast that technology now allows the scanning of irises from a distance of up to 40 feet (12 metres) away… exactly as we saw in Steven Spielberg’s film Minority Report.  In fact, “Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in the US demonstrated they were able to use their iris recognition technology to identify drivers from an image of their eye captured from their vehicle’s side mirror.”
The good news… portrayed in both EARTH (1989) and EXISTENCE… is that: “By using measurements of physiological characteristics, people no longer need security tokens or cumbersome passwords to identify themselves.”  The harsh news is that every measure that you thought would conceal you is probably moot.
Nothing could be more stupid than trying to protect your freedom and safety by hiding and secrecy.  Only one endeavor will prevent this stuff from empowering Big Brother.  Sousveillance.  Looking back.
Biometric technologies are on the rise. By electronically recording data about individual’s physical attributes such as fingerprints or iris patterns, security and law enforcement services can quickly identify people with a high degree of accuracy.
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Can't find it on the app store. Must not actually exist.
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Matt Uebel

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Project Jacquard: Google reinvents the wearable as stuff you actually wear

For now, the clothes' interactive abilities amount to turning a section of fabric into a touchpad, functionally similar to what you'd find on a laptop. You can tap and swipe, while other gestures (e.g. multi-finger swipe, pinch, etc.) wouldn't be too hard to incorporate.

The touch panel resides in just a small section of a garment. Although you could theoretically weave an entire shirt or pair of pants with the material, all you really need is a chunk of cloth slightly smaller than a smartphone screen. The rest of the garment is just clothing.
Called Project Jacquard, Google has developed a way to weave technology into the fabric of clothing itself. But why would you want to?
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Explains NXDOMAIN (Non-Existent Domain) which used for the Internet domain name that is unable to be resolved using the ISP (or your own) DN

I joined the Glass Explorer program a few months ago and soon after had a need to get my new frames fitted with prescription lenses. I called a few different places in the area, and Stage House Vision was the only one that was willing to work with me. Not only that, but they were very enthusiastic about it (I was the first person to bring Glass to them), and very friendly. The turnaround was quick and overall I was very pleased with my experience.
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Went to Ground Zero for an afternoon Booster Draft and start to a Bachelor party. Absolutely GREAT atmosphere. Comic Shops have a tendency to look like a disaster area, but this shop was very well put together, and the bathroom didn't make me want to kill myself. The owner was awesome, very professional and friendly. Big Screen TV hooked up to an XBox was available for gaming, and was otherwise used to display the match pairing for the tournament. Best Comic Shop that I have been to.
• • •
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Nice atmosphere, good food, great staff.
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Had the Sheppard's Pie, very tasty. Service was ok. Menu was quite diverse. Overall very pleasant experience.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Good
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