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"When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak... as being spit on by the rest of the world."

-- Donald Trump, on Tienanmen Square
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Matt Uebel

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Watching the conventions over the past two weeks has made me very thoughtful. The contrast I was seeing between the two visions for the country was extremely sharp – and the unexpected unity that I saw in the past few days, between groups that you don't normally expect to see next to each other, made me think even more.

There is a meaningful way for people as different as Bernie Sanders, Tom Kaine, Michael Bloomberg, and Joe Biden to work together. And there's a very compelling vision in that.

More on my thoughts below the link.
Watching the conventions over the past two weeks, I learned something that I didn’t expect. I learned that there’s still a future I believe…
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Matt Uebel

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>One of the enduring questions of this campaign has been what, if anything, could Donald Trump do or say to be rebuked by his own party. Today, it seems to me, we reached peak insanity – when an actual nominee of a major party called on a foreign government to use the fruits of its espionage to help defeat his opponent.

And this was not any foreign government. It was the government of Russia, a kleptocracy sustained by permanent war. Republicans once insinuated that Democrats were somehow soft on Moscow. And now we have the GOP nominee openly in league with the Russian dictator, brazenly saying he might not defend NATO allies from Russian aggression, suggesting he might recognize Putin’s illegal annexation of Crimea, and bizarrely claiming that Putin had called president Obama the “n-word.”

One candidate in this election is unhinged, treasonous, contemptuous of American liberties, and at war with the core interests of the Western democracies. And an entire political party is refusing to call this out. They are cowards and quislings and pathetic appeasers. Their party deserves to be eviscerated in this election. If it isn’t, if their nominee wins, it will be America that will be eviscerated.
Join us at 8 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers events at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
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This is molehill to mountain stuff.

To think otherwise is to believe that the entire country of Russia is actively waiting to follow all of Donald Trump's commands.

I'm absolutely anti-Conservative, anti-Republican. I keep getting more to the left every day.

But this kind of attack is pathetically weak.
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Matt Uebel

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Cc: +Jon Lawhead

Much excite :)
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That was one of the best fiction books I've read. Great read.

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Matt Uebel

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The Montana driver who crashed his Model X speaks out, and Tesla gets indirect support from an unusual place.

Montana crash dispute -
Goldman Sachs agrees with the Tesla future -

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Uh... huh. So, he (presumably) knew his hands weren't on the wheel, but it's Tesla's fault because he didn't hear/see/whatever the warning that his. Hands. Weren't. On. The. Wheel?

Yeah, I'm closing on on five thousand crash investigations. I loathe drivers who blame their cars for their inverted cranial rectitis. I'm'a go with Tesla on this one. They've never said their tech is autonomous, only that it's assistive. If you're taking your hands off the wheel, what do you think is going to happen? Jesus fuck, it kept you on the road for 600 miles! How about you, oh, I dunno, drive your own fucking car?

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Matt Uebel

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Matt Uebel

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>My best spin on this is that this convention was the opposite of the last one in one respect: last week built up to the lone savior; this week really was an assembly of voices, of perspectives, of surrogates and allies. Yes, its theme “Stronger Together” was exemplified by its structure. In that sense, she doesn’t need to be an Obama-style icon or a charmer like her husband. She just had to prove she can put together a really competent and well-crafted convention, and will run a sane, competent administration. And she did that. For voters who have doubts about Trump’s capacity to organize a booze-up in a brewery, this was a reassuring speech. I’m not saying it was a failure. It just wasn’t a breakthrough.
Join us at 8 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers events at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
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Synopsis: The only reason we're not better is people have too many rights and we didn't throw enough of everyone else's money at it.
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Matt Uebel

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Interested in deep learning? TensorFlow Playground makes it easy to understand neural networks, without any of the hard math. Try it out:
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Matt Uebel

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Matt Uebel

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SciTech #ScienceSunday Digest - 30/2016.
Permalink here:

Atomic scale data, MRI enhancements, One dimensional transistors, Modular chiplets, Fast consumer drones, Synbio computers, Detailed brain map, Tactile intelligence, Placenta on chip, Injectable biosensors.

1. Writing Data Atom by Atom
A scanning tunneling microscope has been used to produce re-writable data storage by positioning arrays of individual chlorine atoms in one of two defined positions (representing 0 or 1) The prototype successfully stored 1 kilobyte of data or 8,000 bits on a copper surface, and achieved a storage density of 500 Terabits per square inch. The array is organised into blocks of 64 bits but requires very clean vacuum conditions and liquid nitrogen temperatures to work. Still, a very impressive proof of concept.

2. Advances in Imaging Technology
First, new nuclear magnetic resonance microscope comprises a very thin wire connected to a tiny magnetic ball is able to achieve an imaging resolution of less than 10nm, a 100-million fold improvement in the volume resolution of bulk NMR Second, a new technique for energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy is now claiming subatomic resolution and the ability to obtain clear images of electron orbitals within an atom . . . which is a headline I never expected to see for a long time to come. Finally, manipulation of plasmonics on surfaces now allow optical microscopes to perform like electron microscopes with 65nm resolution

3. One-Dimensional Transistors
By studying two-dimensional atomically-thin transistors made out of molybdenum disulfide a group has discovered that just the edges of the device, which are essentially one-dimensional, might be used as a transistor The current flowing through the device starts first (at very low voltages) by flowing along the edge, and only leaks into the middle of the device as the voltage is boosted to much higher levels; by making purer, defect-free devices the edges should be able to carry the entire current - meaning the bulk of the device isn’t needed and transistor switching requiring much lower power.

4. DARPA’s Modular Chiplets
A new DARPA program aims to reimagine the standard printed circuit board as a modular integrated platform that not only allows further miniaturisation and speed improvements, but also provides standard lego-like size and architecture specifications for which specialised chiplets are able to be dropped into in order to perform some desired electronic or computational function I think of this as Project Ara for integrated circuits: instead of swapping mobile phone components into a standard platform, this program will allow the rapid design of complete circuits with chiplets for sensing, processing, memory, ASICs, GPUs, antennas, signal processors, etc, all while getting around the main limitations of PCBs.

5. New Drone Tops 70mph
A new consumer quadcopter drone called Teal is set to become the fastest available with a top speed of 70mph and stability in winds up to 40mph Boasting a teraFLOP of onboard processing power for machine learning, autonomous flying, image recognition, the group hope to include obstacle avoidance in the near future. The GPS system on board enables 50cm positional accuracy. Of interest: Teal is designed to enable programmers to easily create Apps that make use of or control Teal. Also included this week due to the comment discussion on the linked page - worth a read and serious consideration.

6. Synthetic Biology Programs Compute Stimuli
Another important step in the development of synthetic biology, cells can now be programmed to remember and respond to a series of events This is a scalable system with the proof-of-concept creating cells that can remember the correct order of three different inputs, and which might allow the recording of complex cell histories. These are like biological state machines. “These recombinase-based state machines open up the possibility of cells being engineered to become recorders of temporal information about their environment, and they can be built to lead the cells to take actions in response to the appropriate string of inputs.”

7. Most Detailed Brain Map Ever
A new MRI measurement study, part of the Human Connectome Project, and using scans of 210 different healthy human brains has produced the most accurate cortical brain map ever The map identifies 180 distinctly different areas of the cortex, which include 83 previously reported brain areas and 97 new ones. The scans themselves collected data across a range of variables including cortical thickness, brain function, regional connectivity, cellular topographic organisation, and levels of myelin and it was well defined differences between this factors that helped delineate one area from another.

8. Tactile Intelligence and Robotic Grasping
This is a good overview of the state of the art and future developments expected for robotic grasping facilitated by tactile intelligence rather than vision and various visual-grasping intelligence approaches After discussing some of the shortfalls of focusing exclusively on vision for grasping we get a presentation of the new CoRo Lab tactile grasping system that combines a robotic hand, UR 10 arm, multimodal tactile sensors, and a kinect for initial targeting that can predict grasp failure 83% of the time and predict object slippage 92% of the time. Both are complex and are facilitated by unsupervised machine learning algorithms that learn over many trials what signal features are important. Such a system would also be very applicable to prosthetics.

9. Placenta on a Chip
Continuing the development of organ-on-microfluidic chip technology we now have a very basic placenta on a microfluidic chip that fully models the transport of nutrients across the placental barrier While this and other organ on chip systems are initially being developed as research and drug development tools, with thoughts of future advances enabling artificial organs, in this case such an artificial placenta hints at the future ability to build artificial wombs. In related reproductive health advances menopause can now be reversed to restore periods and produce viable eggs

10. Injectable Biosensors & Oxygen
A couple of interesting injectable treatments or enhancement technologies this week. First, a DARPA sponsored project has produced an injectable, implantable biosensor made of hydrogel that can produce a different fluorescent signal when different molecules are present, and which also overcomes the immune rejection problem Second, tiny gas-filled lipid microparticles have been developed as an injectable oxygen substitute that in tests was able to keep organs oxygenated and keep animals alive for 15 minutes without taking a single breath Reminds me of a basic, dumb precursor to respirocytes that would enable enhanced athletic performance across a range of measures and activities.

SciTech Tip Jar:

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Matt Uebel

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Here we go again folks
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+Darius Gabriel Black ratings would disagree with you.
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Matt Uebel

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Try the original too. :)
#Ingress #PokemonGo
There are many reasons why Ingress is the superior Niantic offering, despite its more cultish appeal.
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Two complete different games but Ingres is no augmented reality game and also no macho game ;-)
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Was here for Ashland's annual Baloonfest, which was quite a good time.
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Pretty much my favorite restaurant
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Usually pretty good service. They can get quite busy, and I did have one situation where my appointment got scheduled incorrectly, but the groomer was able to get me in anyhow. The prices seem a bit high, but can be off-set by coupons and a loyalty program.
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The available drive-in theatres are few and far between. They should be supported, and my recent visit to this one showed that many people agree. It was VERY busy, and there were long lines for both entrance to the theatre ( line of cars stretched down the road ), and also to the concessions. No problem at all with the audio/video quality of the actual movie, and there is such a great vibe walking around, with all the people camped out in the back of vans, or on top of vehicles.
• • •
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Pretty good Thai food.
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