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Trump, such a wannabe dictator. Puppet of Putin, admires him, said it himself! Threat to our great nation, gotta go. Shameful!

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"As Ford Motor Co. has been developing self-driving cars, the US automaker has started noticing a problem during test drives: Engineers monitoring the robot rides are dozing off."

"These are trained engineers who are there to observe what's happening. But it's human nature that you start trusting the vehicle more and more and that you feel you don't need to be paying attention."

"The struggle to prevent snoozing-while-cruising has yielded a radical decision: Ford will venture to take the human out of the loop by removing the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals from its driverless cars debuting in 2021."

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Imagine you are a machine 

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// Really amazing listening to these Trump supporters bemoan the threat of an ACA repeal. Bravo to the GOP for consistently getting people to vote against their own interests.

>Why would people vote for a presidential candidate who campaigned on taking away their health insurance?

That’s the question Sarah Kliff and I were trying to answer when we went to Corbin, Kentucky, last winter. It’s a small city in southeastern Kentucky, an area of the country that has seen huge declines in its uninsured rate — but also voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

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// Imagine you are a machine.

>At the Enigma security conference, a University of Washington researcher described an experiment that demonstrated how a simple video game could be used to covertly harvest neural responses to periodically displayed subliminal images. While her game, dubbed Flappy Whale, measured subjects' reactions to relatively innocuous things, such as logos of fast food restaurants and cars, she said the same setup could be used to extract much more sensitive information, including a person's religious beliefs, political leanings, medical conditions, and prejudices.

h/t +Daniel Estrada

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Hahahaha, Hannity's voice. 

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// from the reddit thread where I found this...

>The man literally cannot speak at length about a complex subject and navigate the discourse successfully enough to promote his beliefs and make his points. Everytime I talk to a Trump supporter, that's the only thing I bring up. I'm not even going to acknowledge his actions and words to someone when I don't think he's even capable of forming thoughts that require an adult attention-span. One cannot recite the transcript of the words uttered by Donald Trump without sounding just idiotic and moronic and full of empty babbling. Just soundbyte regurgitations and tangential nonsense full of purposeless hyperbole, filler words and stale idioms. You can cross out the filler with a Sharpie and you're just left with buzzwords and black lines. It's been personally earth-shattering to me watching this man who has literally nothing significant or worthwhile to say about anything became elected. Anyone who actually sat down and watched a Trump speech and thought he could handle the job is a classic idiot and apparently 1 in 5 Americans at least belong to this category. It's terrifying to think about and then contemplate the future of society. We have a democracy where a large amount of voters can be fooled to believe a noisy babbler can handle the job because he's a trust fund baby.

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Man, Ridley Scott is playing with my emotions

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>“We sometimes used to make the point that if someone wanted to smuggle a dangerous weapon into America, even a nuclear weapon, how would they do it?” he said on CNN. "The suggestion is, maybe we’ll hide it in a bale of marijuana. There are national security implications here for a porous border.

// A nuke in a "bale of marijuana"? seems like even more support for ending the Prohibition of Cannabis eh?

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>You know I tweeted today?
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