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I just saw this and I am kinda surprised  I wonder who would pay to watch a YouTube Channel? If they charge I will go elsewhere. I can see movies going here and that would be cool. 
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Is not a surprise for me, I've been talking with some of the YouTube and Google+ team and knew this was an update that was coming soon. It is a way to help hangout show hosts to monetize their content. Popular show hosts have been asking for these feature for a long time.
I help host a hangout and we will never monetize it. 
What YouTube should do is make it easy for Producers to charge for videos and take a cut of that.
Well, +Matt Storms this feature isn't for everyone, I wouldn't paid for many of the hangout shows I see around. But there are a few that if they told me they were charging for it, I wouldn't have a problem paying for it.
They aren't talking about all of youtube been a paid service, its simply things like you can buy a subscription to watch your fav show on YouTube instead of via the cable.
This is the real google tv taking shape here.
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