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Utter crap in the Google Search Results!!

Okay, I would like to know for myself why Google is giving preference to Yelp? On my local listings you will see Yelp on page 1 for 5 or more results. This is crap for the user, why do I care about yelp? I do not, I do not use it, I will never use it. I hate Yelp. I understand from the FTC lawsuit that Google might be white listing the results for Yelp but what happened to Link Diversity on each page. 

Example - Nail Salon San Francisco

8 Yelp results, 7 pack, 2 different results. Having Yelp dominate the results is crap.
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The results are even more worse because some of the salons have their own site....
I thought Google had taken leaps to increase quality but they went back 5 years in time now. 
Indeed... didn't really looked at the sites from the local business. But it is weird that a search engines directs users to a different search engine.... imo
Yep, lots of diversity there...

More awful results from Google.  Seems to be getting more and more common of late.
You should see the crap we see in the SERPS in Danish right now. EMD and sites with extreme link profiles (crappy links from India etc.) has taken over large portions of SERPS.
Yelp has 8 of the 10 oranics when I check for this one. Mostly I see none or in some niches, an average of 2 or 3 these days. Clearly +Matt Cutts needs to slap someone in the head for this because as this example shows, that's not a diversity of results at all.
From a year ago the results still have not changed. Sad.
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