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Matt Spear (Batz)
ratpoison, vim, zsh, c++
ratpoison, vim, zsh, c++
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So...reader is going away.  I'm becoming sold on feedly (though am still running newsblur in parallel for now (and google reader to look for any edge-cases with my esoteric feeds)).  It seems functional.  The one thing I couldn't find and took a few minutes was how to get feedly to work with the RSS subscription extension from google:
It turned out somebody hacked a modified version with feedly, and from it's source I was able to glean the correct URL:

for completeness, though it's displayed prominently on the FAQ here's newsblur's:


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Wow.  I love moonshots like this, things that could truly change the world.  It's actually amazing to think about mesh networks in the sky (I did part of my PhD in Wireless Sensor Networks so this is really neat to see).
For 2 out of every 3 people on earth, a fast, affordable Internet connection is still out of reach.  Today we are unveiling our latest moonshot from Google [x] - Project Loon: balloon-powered internet access. Learn more:


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Oh man I so hope this is true;
I missed all the Doctor Who when I was young, and am working through the stories now.  It's sad how many are missing, if the holes are filled in that'd be awesome!

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I sucked, but this is rather cool.  Convergence is upon us!
200 on my first try.  It's been a lot of years since I've played this.  Last time using wooden balls.

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Pretty cool result:
There are infinitely many primes within 70E6 units.  Using no unproven conjectures!

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Wow, this'll be really useful, +Tim Pope does it again with another essential #vim  plugin:
Essentially it allows asynchronous execution of shell commands, and catches the output to the quickfix!

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Awesome, this'll be exceedingly helpful!
Best new feature ever (and not a joke) in Chrome Canary: "Copy as cURL" 

Copy, open terminal, paste, send request with all same headers, cookies, etc - epic!

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Okay, so I first heard of the "Immortal Jellyfish" today in Torko, and now I happened upon an io9 article, it must be some sign:
My favourite quote "It's transdifferentiating", reminds me of Flash when he proclaimed the city (I actually forget which) was "transmogrifying before [his] eyes" from the excellent JLA run.

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