this seems like a good idea, also: bacon.
Here is a mock up of what I think Google should do with the extra white space that is taking up desktop screens everywhere.

Instead of white space after the first page of "Trending / Hangout / People You May Know / Future ads" you will scroll down and see your normal stream but adjacent to the persons post you will also see their previous post and a next button. (For those people who do not have enough white space the website will instead just show the button) When you click on their previous post, it will act as a carousel type view and a new previous button will appear above the next button. You will then be able to +1, share and comment on that post. You could realistically scroll through all of their posts without ever leaving your main stream.

The reason this is the best idea is because it is simple and it allows you to see more about people than you normally would. One of my biggest complaints about having more people in my circles is that I some times miss good posts from some of my more regular people because they post frequently and I hate having to go scroll through their page to look at what they have posted because it could be a waste of a click. I think this will encourage people to interact with everyone more and see stuff they may miss.

If you like this please share it I would love to have a googler take a look at this and actually take this into consideration for an alternative to the white space. Or if you just like bacon +1 :)

Thanks +英希伟 and +Jules Mudkips for being random pictures in this stream. Also +Erik Hadley this is what I was talking about

#whitespace #whitespacefix #bacon
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