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Matt Sidesinger
Code, marathons, triathlons, and Newfoundlands.
Code, marathons, triathlons, and Newfoundlands.

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Wow, this is pretty amazing. Deaf woman hears herself talk for the first time.

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Time to dump OnStar:

The juicy part:

As you scroll down the list of information collected, you see that once you get past important emergency services (what we pay OnStar for), OnStar now has given themselves the right to also use this information to stuff their pockets. OnStar has granted themselves the right to collect this information “for any purpose, at any time, provided that following collection of such location and speed information identifiable to your Vehicle, it is shared only on an anonymized basis.” – This provides carte blanche authority for OnStar to now track and collect information about your current GPS position and speed any time and anywhere, instead of only in the rare, limited circumstances the old contract outlined.

Anonymized GPS data? There’s no such thing! We’ve all seen this before – anonymized searches, for example, that were not-so-quite anonymized. But in this case, it’s impossible to anonymize GPS data! If your vehicle is consistently parked at your home, driving down your driveway, or taking a left or right turn onto your street, its pretty obvious that this is where you live! It’s like trying to say that someone’s Google Map lookup from their home is “anonymized” because it doesn’t have their name on it. It still shows where they live! What’s unique even more-so to OnStar is that the data they claim they sell as part of their business model is useless unless it’s specific; that is, not diluted to the nearest 10 mile radius, etc. This combination of analytics, and their prospective customers (law enforcement, marketers, etc) requires the data be disturbingly precise. Anyone armed with Google can easily do a phone book or public records search to find the name and address that resides at any given GPS coordinate.

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So if I want include +John DiLacqua in a post I just add a little + sign in front of this awesome name. I also can add an @ symbol and it is turned into a +. How fantastical. Still liking this better than the Twitters.

What is the best way to import my Facebook friends into G+? I am liking this better than the Twitters...not sure I like it better than the Facebooks.

Loving G+.
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