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Not a redo or recrop of the photo from a few days ago.  This is the same church, different photo, taken the same day as the previous one.  
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A good architectural shot.  Using muted tones instead of hyper-saturated sunrise/set light, it gives me the feeling of a low-contrast portrait film - Fuji Pro 160S or Kodak NC.  The lines and composition are pleasing.  #save
This is lovely, much more sorted out than the previous one I think. #save7  
Good like, like the comp, the gradual ascent to the top there. #save7
I really like the detail and lighting in this shot, although I would prefer it if the left-most building weren't cropped off.   #save8
It looks like you used the building on the lower left along with the yellow buildings on right to form a triangle pointing to the church which you placed in the upper 3rd.  But in doing so, the lower yellow building is cropped off. Maybe it would been a better composition if you used the 3 green roof tops as an implied curving line to the church without cropping off 1/2 of the building? #save10  
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