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Vydubichi Monastery from the Botanic Gardens ~ by Matt Shalvatis

Every photographer who has spent any time in Kiev, especially in early May, has a shot similar to this. Vydubichi Monastery from the Botanic Gardens. Of course, I have more than one.

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Beautiful shot of the monastary, +Matt Shalvatis! I love how the bridge seems to divide the old from the new.
Beautiful! It reminds me of our trip to Kiev in 1983, looking across the river to that same kind of apartment buildings. I wonder if you took your photo from the same place?
Lovely photo +Matt Shalvatis What struck my eye was the beauty of the Monastery, set in its beautiful green and floral surround and then the contrast across the river of the modern uniformity of the high rise buildings! Thank you very much for sharing with +SacredSunday™
Awesome! I love this photograph! I love the wonderful contrast with the modern city and the beautiful Monastery! The colors are rich and vivid! This is outstanding! Thank you very much for sharing with +SacredSunday™ !!
Fantastic shot! Incredible contrasts between the styles and the ages, a common sight in ex-socialist countries. Thank you for sharing with SacredSunday!
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