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Incredible Photographs Look Like Traditional Chinese Paintings

Very interesting photography. I just wish the article would go into more detail about how the final outcome was created!

Not my photography. Photo by Dong Hong-Oai. Many more photos at the link!

And it would help if I added the link!
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This is wonderful. Would definitely like to understand more about how this created.
My grand dad was a photograph in the 30s. He had a technique which gave similar results. He was making the picture on the plate (no film at that time). Then developing the plate. Then use the plate to make a paper copy. Revealing the paper copy. But not fixing it. Then he dropped it in a chemical similar to ink and then put it in another chemical that will wash partially the revealed image. It was giving something like that, like if the photo was drawn with ink.
Unfortunately, he is dead and I have in France very few pictures he did that Germans did not steal when they looted Reims in 1940. But the results for the cathedral of Reims is really incredible, like hand drawn.
+Roberta Murray , interesting. I just googled photogravure. It's exactly the style. However, I am sure he wasn't using ultra violet light. Just sun light.
+Olivier Malinur UV=sunlight. Yeah, you can buy UV lights, but sunlight was the mode of choice then. I use it for my cyanotype prints.
awesome.. it's just like one - a Chinese painting in ink!
Somewhere in the 793,000 results of a search might be some information on the camera and film, etc. he favored. Does anyone have a good link to anything like this?
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