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PlusFixer v1.0.0 for Firefox -

So a bunch of people were asking for a Firefox version of PlusFixer, so here ya go! Install at it It's a direct port from the Google Chrome version and has all of these features:


Beautifies Google+ for optimal viewing on large monitors. Reduces chat. Fixes layout issues.

Addresses layout issues with the recent Google+ redesign, particularly for people with wide-screen displays.

1) Removes the chat column on the far right when on a widescreen monitor.
2) Expands the stream content to fill the empty #whitespace .
3) Generally moves right-heavy elements all the way to the right.
4) Removes unnecessary "help" column that includes trending topics and such.
5) Reduces chat height and keeps it docked at the bottom.
6) Changes the garish black matte around your stream's photos into a pleasant pattern.
7) Docks the "Start a Hangout" button on top of the chat window so that it is always visible.
8) Makes comment text darker so that it is legible.
9) Sets profile photo column in place while you scroll (if your window is tall enough to allow it.)
And of course the original PlusFixer for chrome can still be found at =)
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Or install the best browser on the planet aka. Google Chrome.
I should worship you for this post! I said i was researching but then I had tons of stuff to do, and when I came back I forgot. Thanks!
+Laureano Miceli, best browser on the planet is just a personal preference. :)
I find Chrome slower than Firefox, and it crashes. Leaving aside this (because I am sure that all the chromers will say the opposite anyway - no need to discuss it), I seriously hate its menus.
If I have to waste time searching for stuff in the settings I prefer to have a browser supposedly 7 milliseconds slower, I don't care. :D
Thanks very much for this. The so-called best browser on the planet uses 50% more memory than FF and insists on having up to 13 slots on my Task Manager.
Works very well so far.
Ofcourse is just a personal preference... i said that as a joke... appart of that i think Chrome is best... maybe Firefox have some advantage than Chrome... but in general aspect i think Chrome is fairly better.

About the menus, for me are very easy to use... in Firefox you have a lot of things that you never use... but in the case that you use that rarely options in chrome just install the app for that.

Sry for my english, i know is not really good.
+Laureano Miceli Forgive me if you thought my comment was directed at you in particular. It wasn't. Just a convenient phrase to attach to my post.
There are folk though, who get a little obsessive about their particular choice of software, media, equipment etc. etc. and I have come across many such who are fanatics to the point of obsession with regard to Chrome.
If it works for you then fine, if doesn't then use something else.
Your English is OK anyway. :-)
Request, could you add an option to remove the 'Start hangout' button altogether?
Bigger request that's probably on your list already, make all changes optional.
+Stephan van der Zalm Yeah, that's basically what will happen when I add a config section. People want the ability to toggle each change.
Matt you are a generous genius. I hope your extension isn't affected too much when Google decide what they are going to about white space and the black bars.
+Jim Marsh Wow, thanks for the kind words. I'm not too worried about the inevitable breakage. These things are fun to make. It's like a big puzzle that keeps changing.. =)
Thanks +Matt Senter! I use both Chrome and FF on various computers (sometimes even on the same computer at the same time) and really wanted to have G+ look the same no matter which of those two browsers I was using. Extra props by making the FF version "reboot-less" - my biggest pet peeve about FF extensions.
Hey Matt!! Don't want to be a pain in the butt, but :-) has anything changed to affect the workings of your excellent Plusfixer for FF? It is dealing very well with the whitespace etc, but for some reason, beginning today, the images are biased towards the left of the central placeholder. Also, on vertical shots I am seeing black bars again.
So far I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem, so it could be my end I suppose.
+Jim Marsh, for me on Firefox 12.0 everything works still in the way it's supposed to work.
I'd say to try to clear your cache and refresh the page or restart the browser.
Thanks Lambert I did restart FF, but I will try clearing the cache. Much obliged
Well +Lambert Schlumpf clearing the cache has made no difference to the black bars nor the left side bias. Strange thing is though, Youtube videos post dead centre.
+Jim Marsh Looks like Google has made an update. I see left-leaning images with black bars as well.
I don't know then... I know that g+ updates don't take effect simultaneously everywhere in the world, it may well be that tomorrow morning, out of the blue, this will appear to me also.
Thanks very much for getting back on this Matt. Good to know I am not completely round the bend. :-)
I suppose we have to wait and see exactly what Google have in store.
They just never stop fiddling around do they?
Right now.
Right now it happened again! I thought I was blessed, I thought I was lucky...
Unfortunately I was just like all the rest of you guys.
Depressing really. Perhaps our resident genius will come up with something special :-)
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