Google+ Hangout API Game

I put together a little game tonight using the Google+ Hangout API. It's a game I used to play a lot over 10 years ago. Everyone is presented with the same acronym, and each person fills out what they think the acronym stands for while the 20-second time limit ticks down in the upper-right corner. Then, everyone votes for their favorite on the voting screen. (Usually the winner is the funniest one.) Points are tallied based on who gets the most votes with bonuses for fastest entry and such. I'm gonna add themes for each round as well as some bells and whistles. (Screenshots are barebones.) Should be a fun way to kill time in a hangout! =)

Edit: For some reason I can't re-order the screenshots so that they make sense, but the progression is the "Waiting for Players" screen, then the "Round 1" screen, then the "Voting" screen, and so on...

Edit again: Forgot to thank +Dano Hart for helping me test. Thanks!
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