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Whelp, no Germany for me. I've got a claim against the USPS, but the latest is that the office delivered the passport on Monday, before the case was opened. 
And I STILL don't have it. I'm getting escalated to the district office, and I've asked for a refund on postage. 
It's all pretty disappointing. 
Now, I'm going to report my passport as lost/stolen. 4 days is enough time to steal my identity 10 times over.  
Sorry +Marco Volkert 

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+John Polack Hey man, you coming down for ChupacabraCon this year? 

A little over a month ago, I switched from Sprint to Project Fi. My cellular bill is now less than $30 a month, and I get to use Sprint and T-Mobile's networks (as well as a few others). You only pay for the data you use; which is how I'm saving so much. The system will snag wifi around you, build a VPN, and use that if possible.
It's been pretty solid over the last month. Not sad I switched at all. 

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My Spellbook is finally shipping!

My Shadowrun team just helped Dr. Gillean Innsmouth open a portal to Lord Splyncrith of the Splugorth.

Hot Fuzz is just the right sort of crazy to make me feel better. I love this film.

Grah! Everytime Winn Adami is on screen, I get angry. She's acts and talks just like my grandmother did. All condescension and passive aggressive behavior.
She's so... infuriating!

The two meals we've had thus far this week from Bluearpon have been excellent. I hope the third is as amazing.
They've been really good for the most part 

One of my players was asking me about explosives for game tomorrow.
I'm sure I'm on an FBI watch list now...
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