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DIY NAS: 2017 Edition
DIY NAS: 2017 Edition
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#Abaddon Flash Shards RESULTS: ENL take Yuri @ Boston 18 to 15. RES take Misty @ Houston 13 to 12.

A phenomenal display of energy from Agents on both Factions and at both Anomaly Sites.

It truly was a frighteningly evenly matched contest.

The Enlightened have captured the XM Shards of +Yuri Alaric Nagassa in Boston, 18 to 15. Only one Shard remained uncaptured.

The Resistance have captured the XM Shards of +Misty Hannah in Houston, 13 to 12. Eleven Shards remained uncaptured.

Congratulations to all those who brought 100% of their energy, dedication and ferocity to the table today. 

In the #Abaddon Series, the Factions now stand evenly matched, each controlling one of the 10 Researchers. The fate of 8 remains in the balance for the Anomalies to come. 

Breathe. Rest. This is just the beginning.


Enlightened (1):

Yuri Alaric Nagassa •

Resistance (1):

Misty Hannah •

Artifact Details: Boston
Final State of Anomaly at: 17:03:39 EDT 2015-10-10

Shard_01: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_02: Hippo Spout,-71.066233&z=17&pll=42.349357,-71.066233

Shard_03: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_04: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_05: Lock Gate Houses,-71.070925&z=17&pll=42.364857,-71.070925

Shard_06: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_07: Lock Gate Houses,-71.070925&z=17&pll=42.364857,-71.070925

Shard_08: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_09: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_10: Hippo Spout,-71.066233&z=17&pll=42.349357,-71.066233

Shard_11: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_12: Brewer Fountain,-71.063052&z=17&pll=42.35613,-71.063052

Shard_13: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_14: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_15: Hippo Spout,-71.066233&z=17&pll=42.349357,-71.066233

Shard_16: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_17: Lock Gate Houses,-71.070925&z=17&pll=42.364857,-71.070925

Shard_18: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_19: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_20: North End Childrens Plaza,-71.050981&z=17&pll=42.360856,-71.050981

Shard_21: Flags of the World Box,-71.101436&z=17&pll=42.364161,-71.101436

Shard_22: James M. Kelly Bridge,-71.06103&z=17&pll=42.343699,-71.06103

Shard_23: Gridley Bryant and the Boston Granite Style,-71.070151&z=17&pll=42.3624,-71.070151

Shard_24: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_25: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_26: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_27: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_28: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_29: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_30: Hippo Spout,-71.066233&z=17&pll=42.349357,-71.066233

Shard_31: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_32: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_33: Fountain of Youth,-71.06895&z=17&pll=42.369025,-71.06895

Shard_34: Former Suspension Bridge,-71.07015&z=17&pll=42.354075,-71.07015

Shard_35: Lock Gate Houses,-71.070925&z=17&pll=42.364857,-71.070925

Shard_36: Lock Gate Houses,-71.070925&z=17&pll=42.364857,-71.070925

Artifact Details: Houston
Final State of Anomaly at: 16:03:44 CDT 2015-10-10

Shard_01: Vein of Sky,-95.39315&z=17&pll=29.720086,-95.39315

Shard_02: Basin Fountain,-95.391629&z=17&pll=29.729857,-95.391629

Shard_03: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_04: Basin Fountain,-95.391629&z=17&pll=29.729857,-95.391629

Shard_05: Po-um (Lyric),-95.398828&z=17&pll=29.719364,-95.398828

Shard_06: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_07: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_08: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_09: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_10: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_11: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_12: Po-um (Lyric),-95.398828&z=17&pll=29.719364,-95.398828

Shard_13: TMC Transit Center,-95.40356&z=17&pll=29.703687,-95.40356

Shard_14: TMC Transit Center,-95.40356&z=17&pll=29.703687,-95.40356

Shard_15: Dr Jose P. Rizal Bust,-95.387595&z=17&pll=29.721477,-95.387595

Shard_16: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_17: Basin Fountain,-95.391629&z=17&pll=29.729857,-95.391629

Shard_18: Color Changing Fountain,-95.402889&z=17&pll=29.717002,-95.402889

Shard_19: Wild Boar of Florence,-95.415785&z=17&pll=29.715287,-95.415785

Shard_20: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_21: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_22: Hermann Park Urban  Forest,-95.384692&z=17&pll=29.710218,-95.384692

Shard_23: TMC Transit Center,-95.40356&z=17&pll=29.703687,-95.40356

Shard_24: TMC Transit Center,-95.40356&z=17&pll=29.703687,-95.40356

Shard_25: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_26: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_27: Dr Jose P. Rizal Bust,-95.387595&z=17&pll=29.721477,-95.387595

Shard_28: Born to be Loved,-95.396734&z=17&pll=29.715217,-95.396734

Shard_29: Po-um (Lyric),-95.398828&z=17&pll=29.719364,-95.398828

Shard_30: Dr Jose P. Rizal Bust,-95.387595&z=17&pll=29.721477,-95.387595

Shard_31: Dr Jose P. Rizal Bust,-95.387595&z=17&pll=29.721477,-95.387595

Shard_32: Water Nymph,-95.39872&z=17&pll=29.705931,-95.39872

Shard_33: Hanszen Master House,-95.399653&z=17&pll=29.715049,-95.399653

Shard_34: Dick Dowling Statue,-95.39098&z=17&pll=29.708913,-95.39098

Shard_35: The Plaza Museum District,-95.385603&z=17&pll=29.721013,-95.385603

Shard_36: Water Nymph,-95.39872&z=17&pll=29.705931,-95.39872

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New to Openhab and Wondering how to accomplish what I want.

I would like to have a field where I can enter a time via openhab and have that sent via MQTT (I can figure out that part) but I can't seem to get any way to allow the user to select a time.

I've tried doing a setpoint type but I can't seem to find any examples that work for that.

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Sad Day
Sad news today for all of those who loved Terry Pratchett:
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"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." 

#programmingquotes   #programminghumor  
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