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New blog post with all of my advice on how to get press for anything you want!

Thanks to +Ben Parr,  +Robert Scoble,  +Josh Constine (TechCrunch), +Tomio Geron (Forbes), and +Owen Thomas (ReadWrite) for providing specific advice from the perspective of the writer!  

Front-end developers / designers! What programs do you use to make your life easier?

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Could you be a better networker? Stop what you're doing right now and read this. 

How many people are paying attention to Google+? Leave a comment if you see this.

If I get enough comments I'll start posting on here regularly.

How often do you check Google+?

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Breakfast and a notebook. Typical Sunday. All made possible by my amazing girlfriend +Anastasia Hilinsky

Almost through the Steve Jobs Biography.

The most inspiring part is that deep down Steve is a man, just like anyone else on earth. He came from a low income family, he made mistakes, he felt emotion. The only difference is that he grabbed opportunities and made the world what he wanted as opposed to accepting it's current state and limiting himself.

If you want to improve the world - do it. Nobody is stopping you.

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‎Steve Jobs, you will forever inspire us to innovate and challenge what we think we know. Rest in peace, you changed everything...multiple times.

Great meetings with Google, Sony and Path today with +Mazy Kazerooni. Exciting things are coming soon. #dominate
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