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To all you "go-getters":  the only reason you're so motivated is that you haven't actually seen or figured out where you're headed.

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Rumors of a "concensus" seem to have been greatly exaggerated ...

Anyone that has seen the movie Maleficent:  did you notice this ?

The king orders that Maleficent be killed, so its pretty much a "done deal" that someone is going to kill her.  Stefan takes advantage of his prior relationshp with Maleficent to reach her before others can and, instead of killing her, takes her wings to use them in providing a cover-story/facade that she has been killed, thus technically saving her life.

Almost immediately after, while still immersed in the misery of losing her wings, she inflicts the exact same treatment upon another.  She prevents the death-by-bludgeoning of the bird Diaval by depriving him of his wings (turning him into a man).

Diaval isn't happy - he says something to the effect of "what have you done to me, taking my wings ?", to which Maleficent responds with "would you rather I let them beat you to death ?", to which Diaval actually says "I'm not certain".  Maleficent's answer: "Stop complaining and be happy I saved your life".

So, why doesn't Maleficent take her own advice ?

It gets even weirder - Diaval actually lowers his head in submission, accepts Maleficent's declaration of what "should be", and resigns himself to being her servant, obligated by gratitude for her saving his life.

Why is Maleficent's behavior for the rest of the movie so completely opposite of Diaval's ?

What is this movie actually saying to us ?

We saw "Maleficent" last weekend - very good movie, Mary and I both loved it :)

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