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But there's really nobody on here. We're just crazy people...

Time to Reach 100 Million Users -
Google+: 7 Months
MySpace: 36 Months
Facebook: 54 Months
Twitter: 62 Months
Linkadink: 106 Months
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WOW!!! I agree! I love my Google+! :)
Hm, I wonder tho, are they counting all the gmail users they automatically gave profiles to? :\
Facebook was exclusive to certain universities for ages though, so I wouldn't count it.

Google had the massive advantage of already being used by everybody for search. Free damn advertising.
yeah this place is a barren wasteland. :P
there is never 100 million people actively using google+
+Sam Douglas Then you're doing it wrong babe. I signed up about 2-3 days ago and I already have over 300 followers.
I'm not saying there's nobody here but 100 million is a bit strong, try searching for a topic on twitter and then on Google+, there's like nobody from my home town on here. But I still like it
+Karras Bommer, personally i like it when all the "news" sites say nothing is going on here. they act like a filter, and keep all the lame people away. :P
+matt lehner - Google+ reminds me of a saying they use down here about New Orleans: It'll either make you or break you...:)
anyone says.... G+ is dead, should be worried by its linikidinki account for real!
I'm still LOLing at Linkadink
+Alicia Volz It's likely because LinkedIn provides a slightly different networking experience than its counterparts. Since it's mostly career based, you don't get as many users who are teens telling all their friends to sign up constantly. I use LinkedIn, it's great to help build a professional network, not to mention an extra resume. Google+ has been awesome to help do all sorts of networking as well. :)
No not at all, we are not crazy. In fact, this is the concern of type of users. Mostly, here, you'll find business people or others who are little busy. What do you say?
+Hunter McRae I agree about how Linkdin (Linkidink) is much different than other social networks, but to be honest I've never gotten a job from it. Not once. But Google+ on the other hand, I've gotten way more than a few. May just be due to the type of work I do, but I've heard hundreds of other people say this as well ;)
I'm here. And I don't think i'm crazy -- yet!
i love G+ and i really want it to succeed and be the best, but there is a saying, easy come , easy go
+Matthew Sabia I'd totally believe that about your LinkedIn account vs. your Google+ account. G+ has been an amazing use of information networking for myself as well. I didn't mean to downplay G+ at all; it's definitely my favorite, and I think that when used wisely (like yourself), can be a huge asset.
What percent of the G+ userbase actually wanted a G+ account and wasn't just handed one because of their Gmail account?
And now: Time it took to reach 200 million users.
Smaller things usually take more time to grow. I think you would know that better than anyone else.
There is not 100 mil active users.

Accounts? Yes
Users? No
6 to 9 months google should match facebook for number of users.
dude you missed one which is now it is more power fulll then other social media ..
Linkadink: hahaah, funny!
+Max WoelmI I've never actually experimented with Pinterest very much and I'm usually a pretty early adopter with these things. I'll make sure to look into it more ;)
now day it is 3rd social media site just check it out for next update . )
Yea. 100,000 people are not using Google+ Maybe more like 5 million actively use it.
+Max WoelmI It's pretty much my main social network right now. I still use Twitter a lot though.
that's great so keep more update in same and really good work keep it up.
yes might be you are right but there is very users friendly tool to make good Professional social network
Well Alicia volz u do not talk to those three houndred follows cuz if u did, u your phone would be a permanent part of your hand. Not to mention 299 of those followers are really "followers" horny men
Because Google Has already Millions of Gmail account where all other have to create accounts
No use of such 100 million users who don't use g+ actively. I haven't find out my single friend using G+ actively as compare to facebook where you get all of your friends
+Nabeel Zafar That's like complaining that none of your friends call you at work... Google+ is for engaging it with new people and connecting with NEW friends.

Comparing Google+ to Facebook is just crazy.
+Nabeel Zafar What was your last Facebook post that had 160+ likes and 130 shares? ;)
Just because google plus linked itself to everyone's gmail account.
Not necessary all has it dear...
Still, Google+ rocks...
Gmail account doesn't matter, to use facebook it's must to have an Email-id.
Everyone who has next to no followers due to their lack of engagement and effort finds some way to trash Google+

I agree. Facebook doesn't give me anything new. Its same friends posting ridiculous pictures and posts from their bathrooms and restaurants. Whereas G+ has opened up a means to interact with a wider world, a host of talent and inspiration, meaningful discussions and more. G+ has indeed created its niche!
That is unbelivable and to think.... Myspace,facebook,twitter........ Now g+ you might say people forgot but i think its evolution, matthew you have opened many minds....... Thank you and google plus all the way!
Yea it's quite on here I'm bored!
I'm not sure how statistics are able to 'really' prove this in this blog...! But it it's true; AWESOME!!! I hate FB!!
Indeed the stats going high... I didn't even have to create an acct, G+ did it for me... was it the same for others too?

Wat happend to offline socializing these days?
More information on the source of the statistic, and or how it calculated will be very helpful. But still great post though.
I dont know how g+ does it, but surely g+ has brought internet social networking into a whole new way. And that's why we love it. I mean, it's tottaly differnt from any other site
+Adrian Salman Google+ has actually about 200Million users while Facebook has about 830Million. (Still, I think it's way better than Failbook)
wish there was a graphic of how much time users spend on facebook, google+ and so on...
+Sorin Pasula I've never seen one laid out like this one, but I have seen articles saying that Google+ users login many more times a day/week/month than any other social network especially Facebook.
Just because they log into their gmail more then anything lol
Isn't it wonderful how numbers taken out of context can make people feel smug about there prejudices?
+Tom Gregory Take a look at your own profile picture then look at Matt's. Take a look at your follower account then look at Matt's. Who looks more like they know what they're talking about.
+Matthew Sabia not right to compare.. for the best and clear result you should start two new product in one day. and not one of them in 2005 and another in 2011 - the massive using by internet is not the same in this period of time...
THE +Victor Bezrukov commented on my post? I feel honored :)

You are right for the most part, but you have to agree that this is saying something ;)
congrats G+ !! Thanks 4 sharing the info !!
I remember Facebook using similar comparisons / figures when it suited them.
I'm here, so is +Thomas Power so is +Robert Scoble r u other 99 millions? =_=a
No-one's noticed that MySpace was also faster to 100 million than Facebook was?
+Zak McGregor First real social network. Let's remember that MySpace was the greatest thing to hit the earth before it was a joke ;)
Facebook started out slow in the beginning for understandable reasons. It's actually a very interesting story. The movie The Social Network tells it very accurately. Highly recommend checking it out ;)
Yes but how many "Active" users? also its just what I call "Social Network Piggy Backing". Its easier to "piggy back" users off existing networks to new ones.
I believe there is more than a million in g+. A lot of people sign up, but are just waiting in the sidelines. I just talk to my daughter and she said she just waiting for friends to catch up. The best thing to spread the word is using the most awesome tool of g+ which is the hangout.
I also have a twitter and fb account and have not logged in to either of them for a year or so. People threat those sites user numbers as gospel yet always question the g+ numbers.
I find that fascinating.
i never did hangout...not that i dont have anybody here (my brother has g+ but no fb) but i just dont know how to use it and if he has to be online as well....moreover are here some kind of messages? I mean how do I contact my brother in g+ (note: im not stupid, just lazy user of fb where I can do thinks without thinking about the way how)
Gabby D
my mind has just been sufficiently blown
What the hell is linkadink and how do I get it!!!
LinkedIn is the only useful one among them all. Maybe not having too many lusers is a good thing.
ugh i just wish more than 20 were from my city is always so slow to move on...
That image really needs to be updated.
Rapid initial growth is one thing, sustaining that growth is another. Hopefully Google can.
Ash B
300k new Android devices activated every day? Everyone who doesn't already have a Google account gets one when they activate. That's a lot of people.
You get to chose when you activate your phone if you would like to join Google+.
Rohit G
google+ gives u an account if you got a gmail account, so they already had 200 million to begin with before even + started. FAIL for the person who created this picture.
Actually it doesnt gmail is and email acount u have to sign up and/or agree to have one *
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