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founder & ceo, woot

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The human eye is closer to being maxed out on desktop pixel density than it was on pre-iphone 4 mobile when viewing distance is figured (far closer to irrelevant performance returns than I'd figured)

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Ha: "Because if you can’t have a marriage that lasts as long as a Woot! deal, what’s the point of living in this country anyway?"

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New fantasy-adventure series, book one - FREE on kindle marketplace today/tomorrow:

"The Last Tragedy is sweeping work of adventurous fantasy, set in a world of skyships and floating continents, brimming with magic and full of peril. It pits heroes of wit and skill against villains whose striking depravity will not soon leave the reader's mind."

Herb is a friend, step-brother, and fellow enjoyer of classic fantasy and science fiction adventure. If you have an Amazon account, please show support - give him a buy-button click and enjoy a free novel. (you don't need a kindle, read on almost any platform with free kindle app)

You won't see this in a bag of crap, and Amazon's servers are unlikely to crash while you try to order :)

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We're quietly opening local.woot in 4 markets today. I posted a few strategic thoughts on it for a discussion with the deals.woot community.

TL;DR: I have a strong opinion about the value proposition of voucher retailing and the future of the voucher industry. It may be more negative than you'd expect, and this defines our local.woot direction.

The day's not over, but this will clearly win spam of the day in my inbox. Maybe I can hope for some of these "Bad dreams":

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Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 2:57 PM
Subject: Re: Cure To Your Problems.

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Cute whale meme vs. Godwin's law

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I love catching Governor Jerry Brown's posts on Google Plus for early comment giggles.

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I'm pleased to announce that deals.woot has been namd an official "Blacklisted by Monster Cable" website. We really have so many people to thank for this honor that I don't know where to begin.

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Media starting to really focus on what matters with voucher retailers growth vs. profitability. How soon will it be before they realize they can't protect their sourcing and have no consumer network effect?

"In the first quarter of 2011, marketing represented 32.3% of Groupon's net revenue, and by the end of the second quarter, it had fallen to 19.4%"

It's a huge race to see what drops faster - marketing or margin. All the while, not a penny is being made on such a novel business model. Pity.

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a much needed perspective on the credibility the voucher retailers “regular price” claim
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