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We tend to either not see ourselves in others that we render judgment on, or we see ourselves clearly but with such scrutiny as to amplify the negative to such a degree that it overwhelms all else. It erodes our confidence and self-worth until we become that ugly thing which we think we already are.The trick I think is in learning to step outside of oneself. To gaze upon your actions and assess them with objectivity but not harshness. To render j...
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Doing some reflecting today
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Scary awesome photo!
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We all pretty much get the 'WHY' now, don't you think it's time for the 'HOW'? 
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SideraWorks Workshop Roadshow. We want to visit your city, but we need YOU to help make it happen! 
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Please share: "Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration" Pro Webinar is TOMORROW!  (hint: check bar at top of page for discount code). Includes access to recording, a free companion eBook, and a few secret bonuses at the end. 

Get registered and we'll see you tomorrow!
Collaboration is critical in today's businesses, but it can be tricky. Join us to learn what works and what doesn't in organizational collaboration.
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St. Louis area friends, grab your ticket NOW because this will sell out quickly due to limited space.
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Give people the respect they deserve, treat them as adults, give as much trust as you expect to get in return, and people may surprise you.
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What happens when you find the language that aligns you with your clients and resonates with their needs? Here are some real-world stats of our shift.
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Guess who has the top presentation of the day on SlideShare?
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Nice job! 
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Bit of a rant this morning. 
How to stifle startups and innovation in your city
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This is an argument that's been hashed out online and legally in many, many states. Feel free to go and check out all the back and forth arguments. They tend to come down to words like 'Pre-arranged', "Voluntary donation", "Independent", etc. Again, if this were straightforward there wouldn't be an issue.
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New Post
We’re trying out a lot of new business models this year at SideraWorks. Experiments if you will. But that's been a lot harder than it sounds.
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Join this +SideraWorks webinar on "Overcoming Barriers To Collaboration" for some surprising insights gleaned from our work in the trenches. (and at a price point that can't be beat as it includes access to the recorded webinar and a companion eBook even if you can't make it for the live event).

Please share!
Collaboration is critical in today's businesses, but it can be tricky. Join us to learn what works and what doesn't in organizational collaboration.
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Have him in circles
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Matt Ridings is a business strategist and speaker who has worked in digital on both the agency and enterprise side since 1994.  He ran interactive for the marketing agency of record for such established brands as Levi’s, Cisco, and British Airways as well as the launch of ventures such as Jet Blue and RedSpark.  He has also been involved in his own ventures, including as a partner building out a 300+ person consultancy.  He has been an independent consultant for Xplane, a Dachis company and advisor to multiple startups and venture capital firms.

In addition to blogging at SideraWorks and TechGuerilla he frequently writes for sites such as Social FreshBrass Tack ThinkingConvince and Convert, Information Week, IBM Magazine, and Social Media Today

For background please see the LinkedIn page

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