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I'm only just catching up on all my emails, but this one seems to have created quite a bit of chat on the Asterisk Developers Mailing List
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This is great news! I support 100%! In fact, I think you guys are lucky to be working on this.

Tip: don't make it parse old-style config. Just make a separate config translator program that takes old-style sip.conf and produces new-style newsip.conf. Keep chan_sip in Asterisk 12, just add chan_newsip or whatever. This chan_newsip could then be developed free of any backwards-compatibility constraints, without a single line of code for that purpose. People would switch to it as wanted. Eventually you can change names after the transition period is over. The point is to not be shackled by backward compatibility.

Anyway, I'm not following the dev list at the moment, so I could just be completely off-track, so take with a grain of salt, my two cents, etc.
yeah - it's causing quite a bit of a stir - basically most of the concern is about whether to fork and include another stack or to maintain a patch set.

The idea is to provide both sip stacks at the same time and allow people to "upgrade" to the newer one.
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