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Matt Richardson

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From the "oddly satisfying" subreddit, some awesome CNC action:
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That's some aweome PID in action there!
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Matt Richardson

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I did about 11.5 miles on foot today in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I wonder if that offsets the burger and shake?
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please tell me that it takes way less than that to burn of a burger and shake...
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Matt Richardson

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I'm tempted to keep this as a souvenir. Cost = one cheeseburger. I wouldn't. 
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Can you get me a bar stool?
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Matt Richardson

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Getting Started with +Intel Galileo now ships right away from Amazon!
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Thanks Matt, no problem.  It's not your issue to solve, I do appreciate it.  Funny thing is... I just got a message from Amazon 2 minutes ago.  Apparently there is a delivery day between May 15 and June 11 now.  This is kinda link when you can't get a circuit to work and then you call over some help, and miraculously, the problem disappears.  Make you look a bit foolish... LOL  :)  Have a good day!
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Matt Richardson

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Awesome to see the book getting out there! Thanks for sharing, Shawn!
Just arrived today; Make: Getting Started with Intel Galileo by +Matt Richardson Looking forward to reading and tinkering!
Thanks Matt!
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Matt Richardson

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BYOB... Build Your Own Blimp! This DIY dirigible uses a brand new paper-thin Arduino-compatible board:
Build your own balloon-based blimp with Printoo, a new paper-thin Arduino-compatible microcontroller.
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This reminds me of time with adventurous kids. Although they weren't powered. My sons ( 8&9 years old) used to make awesome zeppelins from helium balloons and plastic banana split trays with sugar packet ballast at our local Country Buffet. 
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Matt Richardson

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I thought it was a dangerous animal or did I dream it...
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Matt Richardson

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Any makers out there have a project that would make a good product? Pitch Your Prototype!
MakerCon is looking for early stage products and projects to feature in the Pitch Your Prototype competition. You must have a working prototype but your product/project cannot be available to purch...
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Dang, listed the MeArm on the website yesterday! 
Any examples of previous pitches?
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Matt Richardson

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Thanks for sharing, +Carl Recktenwald Jr.!
Thanks for the Book.
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Matt Richardson

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TONIGHT! Come on by!
Tonight at at 9pm ET / 6pm PT, we’re wrapping up Getting Started with Intel Galileo Maker Sessions with a “show-and-tell” Hangout On Air.
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Video Producer, Technophile and Maker of Things
  • Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University
    Resident Research Fellow, 2013 - present
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Brooklyn, NY
Bryn Mawr, PA - West Chester, PA - Nashua, NH
Technophile and Maker of Things
I'm a Brooklyn-based creative technologist, maker of things, video producer, and writer. I'm a Resident Research Fellow at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and a Contributing Editor at MAKE Magazine.

Most recently, I wrote Getting Started with BeagleBone and before that, I co-wrote Getting Started with Raspberry Pi.
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1988 - Outstanding Achievement in Computers at Camp Arrowhead
  • New York University
    Interactive Telecommunications, 2011 - 2013
  • New York University
    Film and Television Production, 2000 - 2004
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