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OK my Photography friends! My tripod broke. Its really about time... it was a cheap tripod my parents bought for me years ago. Anyone have some recommendations on a new one? I need one that is lightweight, durable, and has a nice pano-head. I will mostly use for portraits and for carrying up 13k and 14k ft mountains in the summer. Suggestions???
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13k and 14k mountains? i dont have tripod suggestions, but i can say i'm jealous! enjoy :) with your new tripod, whichever that may be!
+Aidan Kalloo That's what I do! =) Kind of insane but it is fun getting the looks at the top after breaking out the tripod.
thats excellent +Matt Payne , i always had the intention of doing that, but age, my belly and gravity have conspired against me. hopefully still time to fix this!
I"m eager to hear what kind of suggestions you get as well. I have such a cheap tripod that it sells on for less than my son's weekly allowance! Can't wait to ascend those peaks this summer too!
Do a search for "Colby Brown Tripod" and you will see two posts with a TON of options that people posted.
I vote for carbon fiber tripod even though I've never had the pleasure to own one.
I figure the light-weight will come in handy when ascending mountains.

I'm guessing if you ever have to take your gloves off on colder climbs, the carbon fiber will not rob heat from your hands as fast as aluminum.
+Colby Brown Thanks man, I will do that. Any suggestions from YOUR perspective, knowing the kind of crazy stuff I do?
Personally I really enjoy both Feisol and Gitzo. Gitzo is so expensive though. Feisol has some great choices and typically they are my go to tripod these days (
I had Sony VCT 640 year ago .. very cheap , lightweight , Durable ... but it does not have Pano-head .. other than this its a great Tripod !
Search the sell sections of the photography forums online. Great deals if you don't mind used stuff.
+Matt Payne > did you pull the trigger on one? I need to order one today and keep going back and forth between Oben, Benbo, and now Feisol. I need light, travel size, and durable also.
+Matt Payne - I have that tripod, along with a few others from Feisol. It is a very capable and solid tripod that is great for the back country and hiking because of its size and weight. I tend to use a thicker 3 section tripod when I am not moving to far from my vehicle, but when I am in the "woods" so to speak, this is my go to tripod.
+Colby Brown +Alexis Coram So guys - I was able to get a real steal today. I purchased a Gitzo G1348 Inter Pro Studex Mk2 Carbon Fiber Tripod with the center column, including a Arca Swiss B1 ballhead. I got it all for $150!
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