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I've made an infographic for Econsultancy/Adobe this week, taking a quick look at upcoming digital trends - based on data from the latest  Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013

Do these match your own concerns and plans for the year? There's a higher-res version over on the blog here:
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Very nice :)

I like the 'pi-shaped' marketer. I would like to propose the 'Klein Bottle Shaped Marketer' for a future post.
I myself embody the 'rocket ship lava-lamp shaped marketer'
I am the 'Slightly more fragile version of Martin Keown with unsightly posture' shaped marketer.
Hi Matt

Thanks for sharing - what's interesting is that only 18% think they have the tech they need to be successful.

That's where I see more investment in 2013 - people & tech. The right tools to do the right churning + the right people to know what inputs are required and how to interpret the output and act on it.

CRO will be critical to this - CRO is critical to everything m and e.

I'm hoping more marketers make use of the relatively low cost online video testing services like and - they are brilliant.

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